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[Suggestion] Suggestion for the Bus & Services Reps thread
just a suggestion on this rule : "9) There is a minimum period of holding reps for 2 months."

i want to emphasize on this as i find the duration too long. some people might not want to wait for 2 months just to get this list on Page 1 updated.

my suggestion : cut down the period to 1 month instead of 2 months, thanks. should you have any clarifications, do PM me.
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Rule 9 on the thread states that user would need to REP the bus/service for 2 months before ditching it and rep another one.

This is to prevent people from Rep-ing a bus and the next moment 'i dont like it' and ditch it.

Also, i believe that the thread is constantly updated by TIB770T so rest assured, your reps would be reflected in no time.

I hope this has clarify your doubts.
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Yes, like what SBS6057Z said, this is to prevent users from changing reps constantly as it will be an annoyance to other users.

Don't worry, the reps will not be rejected as long as they fulfill the "change after 2 months" (if the rule stays the same) and it doesn't exceed the limit.
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