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Public transport fare review exercise deferred till Q4
SINGAPORE : The Public Transport Council (PTC) has decided to defer this year's fare review exercise to the fourth quarter of 2011.

It said this is to coincide with the opening of Phases 4 and 5 of the Circle Line from Marymount to HarbourFront.

The exact opening date will be announced later.

The Circle Line connects all the existing rail lines into the city.

The council said with its opening, rail fares may change for many commuters.

Deferring the fare review, said the council, will also eliminate the need to conduct separate rounds of fare system reconfiguration, testing and fare publication.

It added by timing the review with the opening of the line, commuters will see at most, one round of fare changes this year.

Gerard Ee, Chairman of the PTC said: "The deferment of this year's fare review exercise to coincide with the full opening of the CCL is done with the interest of the commuters in mind. This is to minimise any inconvenience and confusion, as they will experience at most one round of fare adjustments, if the PTC decides to adjust the public transport fares this year.

"Apart from the time frame, there are no other changes to the fare review mechanism. The council's consideration of any fare revision applications made by the public transport operators will continue to be guided by the recommendations of the Fare Review Mechanism Committee, the same as in previous fare review exercises."

- CNA /ls

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