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An Effective Way of Train Testing?
Recently, the New York City subway has seen their newest rolling stock, the R188 entering service on a 30 day trial. Equipped with CBTC technology, these trains are to run on the Flushing Line on the 7 and <7> which is concurrently getting a signalling upgrade to be CBTC capable. The R188s and CBTC will help to cater to increased ridership on the 7 and the upcoming extension of the Flushing Line slated to open mid 2014.

[Image: 111313r18817.jpg?itok=ZAiUdtAb]

An 11-car train of new Kawasaki R-188 subway cars recently began 30-day performance testing along the 7 Subway Line Icon Flushing Line. The new-technology cars are part of an order for new and retrofitted cars and are the first A-division (numbered line) cars to be outfitted for Communications Based Train Control (CBTC) operation.

The 30-day test for R-188 cars began on November 9 and is the final test to observe the performance of the train set in customer service. This test is the culmination of an extensive battery of engineering tests conducted since the beginning of 2013 to verify the R-188 design and train performance. Following the successful completion of testing, NYC Transit will begin the process of accepting new cars from Kawasaki to support CBTC and the opening of the 7 Subway Line Icon Line extension.

The cars were manufactured at Kawasaki’s plant in Yonkers, New York as part of a 473-car order, which includes 126 new cars and 380 cars retrofitted with a kit allowing them to operate along CBTC equipped right-of-way. The new cars are virtually indistinguishable from the R142A cars.

In order to pass the 30-day test, the train must operate for 30 straight days without a major mechanical failure. Should the train suffer a breakdown, the issue would have to be corrected and then the clock would start over again from day one.

As designed, the key benefits of the new train control system will be higher levels of reliability, the installation of countdown clocks, and the ability to provide increased train service by safely allowing trains to run closer together, translating to shorter waits and increased capacity.


What are your views on the 30 day revenue service program for these new trains? Do you think its feasible in our Singapore system? By pushing the new stock to the limit it helps reduce the likelihood of any complications that could arise from the train when in actual R/S. Personally, I think it will do good to our NSEWL network if the C151A Batch 2 or C151Bs go thru such a test. More issues can be found and fixed. And at least they can be safely deployed to either line when needed as compared to the current KSFs we have which haven't seen frequent service on the NSL since the 2011 Disruptions. Perhaps this test can make these new trains worthwhile and be the most reliable workhorses in the NSEWL network.

I wonder if LTA is rushing to meet the 2016 deadline to have 77 new trains. I'm aware that the downside to such a rigorous testing program is that if the new stock isn't up to standard, it is delayed in going into R/S and impatient Singaporean commuters will start complaining about how LTA "isn't doing anything to increase train capacity and not keeping to their promise". But then again, isn't it better to R/S later with minimal issues arising after that than to R/S on time then major complications start arising?
I agree that it will be more reliable..


Singaporeans are always complaining. Like seriously. They does not appreciate sometimes. I'm sorry if i offended anyone.. But it's just from my POV. But anyways, i think that it would be really time consuming, delaying the R/S of the train.

Like what you said, LTA has a deadline thus they have to do what they have promised. Maybe.. the first few KSF B2 could have such tests?

Then the future test it'll be up to SMRT/LTA to change the way of the tests if they find it really hard to comply? Or perhaps revert back to their normal ways of testing?

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"Aiyo ah, new train ah, never test ah, ask us take ah, what if it break down arh?"
Tongue but you should get the point
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Societal differences. Singaporeans will always somehow find fault with the authorities, somehow.

>Don't test
"Aiyohhhh why like this sia forever break down one LTA trolling is it"

"Aiyohhhh why the train take forever sia LTA trolling is it"


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(19 November 2013, 08:42 PM)Ethan777 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Testing alongside revenue trains is always a risk - test trains developing a fault will cause a revenue service disruption. While it is necessary to conduct rigorous testing, it should be evenly split between off-site and on-site testing, with the former being conducted first.
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(21 November 2013, 10:12 PM)joeyfjj Wrote:   Show/Hide
"with the former being conducted first." Do you mean, the Batch 2 must be tested on the line that the Batch 1 could not?
[Image: ktwSfc7.png]
(21 November 2013, 11:21 PM)gumok109 Wrote:   Show/Hide

I did not make any references to any train models in my post. I meant off-site testing should always be done before on-site.
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