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[Official] [BVE5] ATO and TASC plugin for Ginza Line (13102013)
Hi, the new Ginza Line for BVE4 is now upgraded to BVE5 on 10 October 2013!

I have thus merged the Tokyu Meguro Line TASC plugin to work with the Ginza Line along with the ATC limits on the line to simulate a more realistic version of driving the Ginza Line. Note that I have only incorporated it for Shibuya → Asakusa bound. I will be doing the other direction soon but if you can't wait, you can hack the route file yourself.

BVE 5 version of Ginza Line route:
BVE 5 Eidan 01 Series train (GTO Chopper and IGBT-VVVF both from Toshiba and Mitsubishi) from vertah's warehouse:
The compiled TASC plugin available from my Google cloud:

Copy over the files from the ZIP archive and overwrite any files. Note that this archive creates 2 new route files for TASC as well as 4 TASC trains (so that it is easy if you want to uninstall this)
Launch the route that has TASC added to the title. (休日B1649 渋谷→浅草 TASC/平日B1815 渋谷→浅草 TASC)

Using the TASC:
1) Ensure your notches are set to Neutral, Reverser to Neutral and Brakes to Emergency.
2) Press '7' once. (Certain textures are missing though, will try to fix it)
3) Accelerate manually. When approaching a station, the TASC light will light up on the speedometer (TASC 電灯).
4) When you are ready to let the TASC to take over, set your power and brake notches to Neutral.
5) Upon successful stop, put on the brakes and the TASC light will extinguish (TASC よす)

Using the ATO (known to have accuracy problems, use at own risk):
Pull brake and power notches to Neutral. Press Ins+Del together after the doors have closed.

unicorn (ユニコーン) for creating the dll plugin

This is my signature as there is no signature.

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