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Delivery of Kawasaki-CRRC Sifang C151C
Seems like the LTA livery.

Will be boring if all future NSEWL trains have this livery.
(02 August 2017, 06:56 PM)smrtrainlovur Wrote:   Show/Hide

Mainly because of New Rail Financing Framework(NRFF), this is why the livery colour will followed the line's corresponded colour. Like what they did for DTL and TEL.
Which means all trains will now be black and white with the line colour in the middle.
The 1st C151C, set 701/702 has been delivered to Singapore today!
Tip-up seats on C151C:

Two trains arrived(including 703/704) and ready for service by second half of this year.

Straits Times:

One unknown C151C without Stand-up Stancy stickers spotted at BSD Test Track.

Spotted from AMK AVE 1.
C151C (no SU Stacey stickers) spotted at BSD. Seen from Bishan Road.

[Image: q8hXp1e.png]

[Image: rIHbarZ.png]
(23 March 2018, 08:24 PM)Hi1307 Wrote:   Show/Hide

I believe it's either 701/702 or 703/704 transferred from Tuas West Depot?
(23 March 2018, 09:36 PM)smrtrainlovur Wrote:   Show/Hide

Can't be 703/704 because of Standup Stacey stickers pasted.

Picture credits: Khaw Boon Wan FB
[Image: C151C-depot.jpg]
701/702 spotted on test on NSL this morning

P/S: Sorry if I don't have the image.

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