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[Suggestion] Allow thread owners to prove posts as OT
In my thread,'Old Days Of SG Trains',it was supposedly to be meant for the indicator thingy.However,c151a 515/516 and masterchief commented things that are not what I meant.However,I forgave them and modified the post.So,what I mean here is to allow thread owners/creator to prove threads as off topic and moderators will look into the matter to see if it is really off topic or non off topic
Hey there,

Firstly, this issue wont happen if the thread title is clear and the content in the thread is clear.

Secondly, when you think that the thread is Off topic, you may want to click the 'report' button and report the post. The moderators will then investigate the post and deem what is the most appropriate action for the user/post/thread.\

Lastly, we thank you for suggesting this to us and hope you have a good day ahead

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If thread creators have the ability to prove off-topic posts, won't the entire forums go into chaos?

It's like making every single SGTrains member an admin, which is ridiculous. If you're unhappy with others posting things not related to your thread, ignore them.

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(19 July 2013, 08:08 PM)Bin Hao 0530G Wrote:   Show/Hide

I hope I can clarify things here.
initially, the thread's name was about the good old days of SGTrains. So, i replied to that thread to discuss about the days when there were the shout box.

I suggest if you can change the thread name back as quite a number of users are discussing about it. Also, it can make the thread more active.Smile I hope you understand what I meanSmile.
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(20 July 2013, 12:25 PM)c151a515/516 Wrote:   Show/Hide

The thread name is old days of sg trains forum.This means that anyone can talk about the old days.
The mods, admins and gmods are here for a reason.

If you do find off topic posts, there's always the report button - which you're already suggesting. The part where you said the mods will look into it - that is the exact function of the report button: Find a post which you think infringes against the rules, press the button to alert the forum team. So in essence, there's no need for any addition, because the feature is already here.

Have a good night!
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