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[Suggestion] Deploy Moderators Online
I wonder if there will be a system where moderators who are free can be deployed to different timeslots so that posts could be seen and approved/deleted without having users to wait for their post to be ready.
Hey there,

As stated to you in the PM, the moderators need at least 3 working days to approve those posts. Sometimes it may be quick, but sometimes, the moderators are busy with some forum matters thus having some delay with your post moderation.

Your posts will be moderated by the moderators that are moderating the forum. They will deemed what is appropriate and approve the posts.

Sometimes, the Global Moderator, like me, will approve the posts for the moderator, and also, not everyone is using the computer that all times, thus the delay. We apologise for that.

I hope that you'll understand our situation.

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In my opinion, I think you should give them some time to process it.

Moderators also have their things to worry about.
Moderators also have work to do.
Moderators also need to bond with their family and friends at times.

You should respect them for doing these hard work even when they might be busy. They can't possibly stay on the forum 24/7 or even on shifts, as their schedule might change.

Being a moderator isn't easy, you know?
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(13 July 2013, 11:35 PM)habiTAT Wrote:   Show/Hide

Hi There,

We Thank you for your understanding Smile

Please do note that we are trying our best to give you the best experience.

Many of us also have lots of behind the scenes to do Smile
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(13 July 2013, 09:14 PM)Bin Hao 0530G Wrote:   Show/Hide

Moderators are volunteers who help out at their own time.

Just like you and me, they have their own schedules, commitments, and exams/projects. I think it's not very fair to ask them to commit to time blocks, since they are not paid or compensated, and also because they may have commitments which require their attention, which may (and should) be of higher priority.
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Can there be more moderators deployed onto the Chillout/Hangout Den?Currently,only SMB142J is the moderator there.
(22 July 2013, 09:11 PM)Bin Hao 0530G Wrote:   Show/Hide

This will let the admins decides. But the main focus of SGT forum is on Train Discussion and Happening threads, Buses and Civil Aviation threads. I don't think they will more moderators deployed on Chillout/Hangout Den sections of the forums.
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Why do you say so? Was there a sudden surge in rule breaking in the hangout area?

EDIT: There are the gmods too. I think it's more than enough.
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(22 July 2013, 10:34 PM)9V-STN Wrote:   Show/Hide

Quoting from his first post,
'I wonder if there will be a system where moderators who are free can be deployed to different timeslots so that posts could be seen and approved/deleted without having users to wait for their post to be ready.'

I guess his primary objective of requesting more moderators in the Chillout/ hangout Den is to ensure that posts/threads will be approved faster. That's all.

A little advice to Bin Hao 0530G:
Be patient.

From how you post, I can see that you're very enthusiastic about buses (Are you?) and trains, which is good. I know you want your posts/threads to be approved faster so others will be able to see it.


The forum team has their own personal life. You can't expect them to dump all their work + family + friends aside just to make sure your post/ thread is approved.

They are working hard for their future too. Just like everyone in this forum, everyone is working hard for their future. You can't expect someone to drop out from school just to do moderation in SGTrains. That doesn't benefit both parties.

Please be understanding. You cannot make someone sacrifice their own future for your own good.

P.S. I'm sorry if I sounded rude. I really think you're pressurizing the forum team, hence I find the need to protect their rights.
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Well then I have this to say....

Your posts were put under moderation because of your conduct. Having a longer time to wait before your posts are up is a consequence of this. We're not obligated to stare at the mod control panel waiting for posts to be approved to show up. If you take the initiative to post properly then this wouldn't have happened at all

As for "timeslots", well, I don't think this is a work place, is it....
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