Poll: Your choice of an alternative transportation rather than feeder bus in towns?
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Light Rail
4 23.53%
People Mover
3 17.65%
4 23.53%
3 17.65%
Others; Please state
3 17.65%
Total 17 vote(s) 100%
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Your future choice of transportation in Towns?
As you all know that LTA has mentioned that there won't be any new LRT lines build in the near future. So...Given a choice, what would you prefer to see as an alternative than feeder bus traveling within towns?
(20 April 2011, 10:32 PM)skystopper Wrote:   Show/Hide
Me? I like light a combination of Light Rail, People Mover, Tram, Monorail and Bus!
Like: The LRT train has a number to show what route it is travelling(like the current bus system!) So...the bus fans will become LRT train fans! Big Grin
Yours sincerely,
(20 April 2011, 10:32 PM)skystopper Wrote:   Show/Hide


buses are flexible than other transports

electric buses?

bus rapid transit!

more bendies for 806!!

train reps: C651 - 233/234, C830 - 34, C751A - 047/048

Bus reps: SMB145B, SMB1406S, SMB3536L

Vee-Power on 145

Trams, old and classic...
Reps: C830 Set 21, 115/116, Changi Crystal Mover Set 08

I like Shanghai Metro too, especially Line 2 with Alstom Metropolis and they are manual!
Concept: Commuter Trains to connect main towns and city. Buses to run feeder services from each town's train station. School and factory special services by buses in morning peak. Newer towns to have electric low-floor trams or light rail PMS (road level for trams and elevated for light rail PMS).

Buses to have capacity of about 70 persons and frequencies of 2 to 10 minutes depending on time of day and demand. Electric trams about 100 persons each, light rail PMS about 200 to 400 persons per train.
an underground jurong region monorail line anyone??
I'll advocate a mix between various modes. LRTs, coupled with a few stations with MRT transfers available, and either a network of tram lines, a bus rapid system, or both.

Also an efficient road transport system for those who own private vehicles (cars, vans .etc)
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Useful links: Download openBVE / C751A
Light rail (but not ppl mover) as BP/SK/PGLRT systems are rly like. Maybe some on-street running (but doubtful becos of SG's limited land).
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