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Buses: [July 2013] Photo of The Month
The theme for the revamped Photo of the Month contest is here!

The photo with the most number of votes will be deemed the winner and the winning entry will be featured on the bus forum for a period of time stated below.

1. Your the original author of the photo
2. The photo should be unedited, except for watermarks
3. Creative and Original
4. One photo entry allowed per user per month, the user is allowed to resubmit if his/her entry is rejected
5. The Photo should be recent, in the range of 45 days from the start of the contest.
6. Please include a description, location where photo is taken and the date the photo is taken.
7. The photo, whether or not its Private Operators, SMRT or SBST, can be submitted as long as it is taken in Singapore.
8. The Photo, should not include Security Features & Sensitive Areas (eg. CCTVs, Depot, Bus Operations Control Center, Passenger Service Centers)
9. The photo must be related to Buses (eg. Bus Stops, Bus Interchanges, Bus Advert, Bus Interchange Advert, Bus Photo, Bus Interchange Photo)
10. The photo must not break any of the forum rules.
11. The Photo must be related to the Theme, and the description must include why the photo is related to the theme.
12. Maximum of 10 Entries every month, on a first post first serve basis.

Photo Submission: 9 June 2013 - 16 June 2013

Voting Period: 17 June 2013 - 31 June 2013

Theme: Age

"This month sees the start of the gradual deregistering of many bus models. Many will definitely reminisce the rustic charm when riding these old buses - some, take a piece of memory away in the form of photos, or videos. "

Featured Period: Whole Month of June 2013

Administrator Notice:
Do note that this thread is for submission of Photo of the Month and not discussion. Any discussions would be classified as off topic and will be deleted. If have any doubts on the Photo Of the month, please use this thread. We seek your understanding. Thank You.
"When I fear the sky might fall, and no one will hear my call; I take a breath and see all the strength I need~"
[Image: 999883_531779873550331_156172291_n.jpg]

Date: 7/6/2013
Location: Tuas
Description: The morning sunlight that filters into the interior of this bus not just marks the start of a brand new day for revenue service but unfortunately brings it twenty-four hours closer to its deregistration date
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[Image: 9015073909_672da424d7_h.jpg]
Date: 11/6/2013
Location: Outside Boon Lay Bus Interchange
Description: As they reach the end of their lifespan, these buses will have to go off.....
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[Image: IMG_1867.JPG]
What defines age? Juxtapose a Volvo Olympian against the wheelchair buses of this age and it will tell.
Whether is it the use of electronic signages over acrylic boards, or having curvy designs over traditional boxy bodies, the age gap can be easily seen.

New Bridge Road Terminal, 18 May 2013.
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[Image: 9017890822_633def1482_z.jpg]
Decline by Joey Foo, on Flickr
The evening sun shines brightly on the openable windows of an old double deck public bus in its last few months in service.
Joey Foo
The web design/development guy.
"Have you tried the '404' page on SGTrains.com?"
joeyfoo.com @joeyfjj 

Useful links: Download openBVE / C751A
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[Image: 7240_389043744535279_622910855_n.jpg]

Date: 10/6/13
Location: Hougang Central Interchange
Description: After years of running on Singapore's roads, it is inevitable that the older generation of buses would retire someday and would be replaced by newer, younger and more modern looking buses. These new buses would in turn be replaced upon reaching their retiring age and thus the cycle of renewing Singapore's bus fleet would start anew.
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Administrator Notice:
Voting commenced.

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