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Using torrents to share BVE game
Well, in order to promote (open)BVE beyond us, I am thinking of uploading of all the future release via torrent too.

How you guys think?

As a creator of openBVE Dummy Pack, by integrate all the routes and rolling stock, it has easily hit > 500MB in a 7zip file.

Hence, it is getting impossible to upload them on to my Dropbox, 4Shared for any thing that matters (And hence the tendency for me to delete any out dated versions)

For a head start, the next dummy pack will be uploaded via torrent. I hope to receive feedbacks from u guys Big Grin.

I heard that this might be a problem for Starhub users since its really quite aggressive of anti-BT.
Sure, bandwith also good.
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  • Samuel Lee
Upload it in parts? A bit inconvenient but may result in faster upload/download speed.
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(02 June 2013, 03:45 PM)luacs1998 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Personally, I don't like the idea of uploading it in parts.

The reasons are:

1) There might people have difficulty understanding how to extract the file in parts

2) Total overall size may one day hit > 2GB where this is the time that it is increasing in difficulty to share the Dummy Pack.

Example: Dropbox default 2GB file size. 4Shared 15GB, should not be an issue for now. But my WIP C651 with better customize of how advert should be placed (Window / Panels) is already costing nearly 40MB of space compared to the one was officially released at around 27MB. What I am saying is, in the ever increasing realism progress on the route and trains, the overall Dummy Pack size will really hit over the limit of the total storage space and the only 2 ways to overcome this is to either

A) Subscribe

B) Register for another account

And I hate to do either.

By right Torrents are not slow. So long as we keep seeding (Just seed one or 2 more time will do! Since I will try to seed too whenever I am online!) Just try to persuade your parents not to use Starhub / Singtel as ISP (If using Fiber) can le.

Well I assume many people will be using Starhub or Singtel, so torrenting it might be a good and bad idea. The good is that the more you seed, the faster it is, so if someone has bad internet speed, torrents might help the downloading. The bad is that you might get a warning letter from your ISP to stop downloading torrents if you have infringed any copyright or so.
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Or you could write an NSIS-based installer of sorts that just downloads the files individually to create the pack locally.
So just download installer, run, pick and choose which projects you want (optional) then installer downloads and extracts them for you. Something like an app store, but for BVESG Tongue
This account is no longer in use - I'd like to be known by another name, but.. I don't have the 10k points to pay for username change Tongue
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  • boylush
Personally i think developers themselves firstly should get a dropbox account themselves to upload their projects , then we can get all the download links and perhaps package into one small file... , the speed now basically is on your internet speed and not isp side now... , perhaps if possible we can do like an application/app store or a modified version of openBVE such that we can have an app store inside to download files(like the old 1.4.1 or is it 1.4.0)
I recommend advanced installer though , easier to create updates (u can like put updates on the net then download them)
A simple exe file i created which contains openbve. basically it works like your normal exe , it checks your files (everything) , openal part i admit theres kinda bug there cos everytime i try it says i dont have it installed. after all the 'base' is installed , it will get another exe file from my dropbox to install openbve and it will extract files from a cabinet file from my dropbox for the files... should be quite simple to install , i haven't tried yet. (PS. i was using theming and the theming screwed up , i will revert to the basic version of the application instead of the 'architect' which keeps showing evaluation only.
Download to try :
EDIT : Try again in around 40 mins , the cab file is humongous...
Teo Ren Jie
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(03 June 2013, 09:18 AM)C830/C751B/C951 Fan Wrote:   Show/Hide

Well, ISP will not and should not send us warning letters because it is only used for BVE purpose and we have our framework of copyright protection.

But the thing is quite true lah, the major telcos are quite screwed up in this area since they usually cap the internet speed in peak hours (11am - 2am, it is like the entire day anyway) and limits the torrent speed without regards to the plan.

(03 June 2013, 08:14 PM)Boylush Wrote:   Show/Hide

Good idea. But I had a dropbox account and there is one big problem. Currently, I share 2 copies of my EWL with one of my co-developer who does not do coding for now but provides me some track profiles from Pasir Ris to Tanah Merah and will be continuing to do so. For that, a full copy of released PSR - CLE (Which I 'lost' it instead) and a WIP EWL on dropbox is costing me > 200MB, which is more than 10% of the space.

Fortunately, Dropbox allows me to host 1 file of 2GB in size and share the link. But once the Dummy Package hits > 2GB, where presently, I estimate the size to be around 600MB, the Dropbox option will not work liao. (Which is the point of the thread)

EDIT: For Dropbox Desktop, if I share with someone, both mine and his / her free 2GB will be used. Hence, if I host EWL project and share with my co-developer, both me and co-developer will use the 2GB.

Lastly, with regards to suggestion of creating NSIS-scripted or Advanced Installer option, both provides nice UI and ease of installation for end users, but there are some problems:

1) OpenBVE is designed be cross-platform compatible. By using such installers, it defies the OpenBVE's spirit (I am thinking the routes & trains can be separately released in a .zip format and NSIS scripted installer format while the main program utilizes installer format because the program itself and their dependencies needs to be compiled separately. This means that Mac & Linux users cannot just download Dummy Package and unzip to expect the program to run. Hence, by pre-compile the Windows version of Dummy Package is ok to me.)

2) Selecting the component to download in the installer? Lolz. That means I need to find a server to host!!!!! Unless someone can offer BVESG their server and at least 10GB of space (Should be quite future proof for now, unless we include all the HK MTR routes and Japan routes and elsewhere which I don't think copyright law allows us to do so), it is quite impractical too.
Anyone knows how to mod openBVE? We can always mod it to the previous openBVE version where we can download addons from in there or create a new exe file like a download centre lol... This method allows us to save space cos the respective developers upload to somewhere like dropbox and supply links to the server/programme for their route to be up...
Teo Ren Jie
Lead Developer at RRTS Studios
Also develops OMSI 2 maps!
(06 June 2013, 01:02 PM)Boylush Wrote:   Show/Hide

I think a lot of people here don't get what I mean. What I am trying to say is dropbox does not provide enough space in long term and probably asking for either some hosting site that gives more than 2GB or move away from a particular cloud sharing service in the long run.

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