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Singapore MRT Chainage System[NSEWL]
For NSL, EWL and CGL Developers

Chainage is a location marker placed along the track for easier description of exact points along the trackside. It is commonly used during permanent way maintenance.

This number increases/decreases by 1 for every meter of track until the terminus point at the end of the line. At every station, chainage signs have been pasted up showing the exact distance along the track. Since every station has such a sign, calculating the difference between chainages will give the distance between any two stations.

This is an example of a chainage marker at stations:
[Image: 941503_514596801935305_1122972355_n.jpg]

If I am not mistaken, I believe that knowledge of the exact distances between stations can help you better in developing your BVE routes since you have the raw distance between stations to aid in your coding of track lengths.

I went out to collect these chainage numbers just for myself to keep and refer until someone pointed out to me that it can also help you guys in your developments so here's the spreadsheet where I have keyed in everything.

.xlsx   Singapore MRT Chainage System.xlsx (Size: 19.15 KB / Downloads: 56)

All numbers reflected here are mostly raw data with exceptions where the white chainage sign at stations was too deep in the tunnel to be seen or hidden away somewhere and hence I did not catch it thus I have calculated a plausible figure for the chainage at that point (explaining further about my calculations would be another wall of text, so if you want to know PM me). At the very most, the error range of chainage would be +/- 10m. This should not affect the coding much.

I wish you all the best in your BVE developments!
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There's no such thing for the CCL? Sad
(20 May 2013, 11:43 AM)Seangwong Wrote:   Show/Hide

There is but just that it's more difficult to spot.
(20 May 2013, 11:43 AM)Seangwong Wrote:   Show/Hide
CCL Chainage is for example


Where the values before the + sign represent kilometers whilst the values, all rounded to three decimal places, indicate the meters. This is reflected in black on a yellow plate stuck on the tunnel wall. NEL has the same style and so will DTL in future.

This way of describing chainage is part of the revised LTA's MRT Construction Regulations which came into effect for NEL and this is why NSEWL, an older network, uses a different way of presenting chainage as compared to NEL and CCL.
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Here's an example, which found on tunnel wall.

[Image: CAM00433_zps7bc1e4b7.jpg]
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Did you know why do we need chainage jumps along the newer MRT lines?

This clause from the LTA Civil Design Criteria for Road and Rail Transit Systems should give you the answer:

" Initially a nominal 10m jump in chainage shall be provided on each track at each station centre line. Subsequent alignment revisions that results in changes to chainages shall be reflected by revising the jumps. The chainage at Contract boundaries shall not be changed. The starting chainage at each subsequent station centre for both bounds shall be
Feb 2010 Civil Design Criteria – A1"


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