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Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway(MTR)
The Hong Kong government announced that the first phase of SCL(Tai Wai to Kai Tak) will open by 1st Quarter next year.
An MLR train carrying passengers has derailed on East Rail line this morning.
Due to protest which damaged on ERL, Hung Hom to Admiralty section will delayed earliest by 1st Qtr of 2022. While TML Phase 1 - Tai Wai to Kai Tak will open by early next year.
Rumored that MTR exercise an options on buying new trains for replacement of A-Train on TCL/AEL.
Tuen Ma Line Phase 1(Tai Wai to Kai Tak), which part of Shatin-Central Link, will open for revenue service on 14/2.

Investigation report in Hung Hom derailment is out, was caused by Dynamic Track Gauge Widening.
Hong Kong Legislative Council proceed the TCL Extension project, construction may start in 2023 and project completion by 2029. The Hong Kong station overrun extension project will complete by 2032.
Due to train crashed last year, the completion of whole re-signalling project will delay by 7 years. So the earliest date of commencement for CBTC on TWL by 2023 instead.
Some updates from MTR on Shatin-Central Link related projects:

- Dynamic test had already commenced on newer section of Tuen Ma Line including Hung Hom.

- New signalling system and R-Train commences operations on East Rail Line on 12/9/2020.
(29 August 2020, 12:48 AM)A380Lover Wrote:   Show/Hide
Delayed to further notice due to unsatisfactory performance of route setting occurred during testing.

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