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Taipei Metro and Taiwan Railway
A very realistic concept train advert on one of the train on Taipei Metro, promoting Unverisade Games 2017

(Credits: EBC)

There is vandalism case on Taipei Metro trains today, C381 and C371 affected.
Taiwan establishes Railway Bureau to supervise the construction and oversight of the nation’s railways.

On other hand, Hyundai Rotem won the contract to supply 52 10-cars EMU for Taiwan Railway Administration.
Two days ago during morning peak hours, a train on the Tamsui-Xinyi line suffered a strange stampede which left at least two passengers injured.

The causes, a 10cm long rat inside the train.
Alstom awarded the contract for Wanda Zhonghe Shulin Line:
(Picture credits: Alstom)
[Image: Wanda%20800x450.png]

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