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Rolling Stock, Depots and Future Developments
According to DTL Commemorative Book(page 123), for DTL section of East Coast Integrated Depot will be able to house 75 trains.
According to LTA's press release, the CR151 trains will enter passenger service from 2022, and that's when the C151 trains will start retiring.
To add on, the first 2 C151C trains will enter passenger service in the 2nd half of this year, whereas the remaining 10 will only enter passenger service next year.
Add in for Bukit Panjang LRT Renewal Works, with the one which ordered 19 new BOMBARDIER INNOVIA APM 300 to replace the current C801 stocks.

6 C851E trains for NELe.
JRL will complete in phase from 2026:
2026 - Choa Chu Kang to Boon Lay and Tawas
2027 - Tengah to Pandan Reservoir 
2028 - Tawas to Peng Kang Hill and Boon Lay to Jurong Pier.
C801B will replace all the C801 used on the Bukit Panjang LRT. Page 38 of 44 of this link below:
Regarding J151 contract, they are buying 62 sets which awarded by 2nd half of next year.
Add on: Founders' Memorial MRT Station

Changi East Depot can hold up to 80 trains.
I refer to this article:

This is my response:

Considering the Singapore government has been copying the London rail lines, such as the East West Line (which has similarities to the London District Line), the Circle Line (which will have the same spiral figure as the London Circle Line) and the Jurong Region Line (which obviously copies the London Docklands Light Railway, that they force an elevated line in the dense areas of Jurong and Choa Chu Kang to take the shape of the Docklands Light Railway). Furthermore, the line colours are matching.

It won't be surprising if the future rail lines also copy the London rail lines.

Also, in future, I hope the authorities would do a "night tube" in Singapore, running through mainly the tourist areas to promote round-the-clock businesses. Possible round-the-clock train services could be the Orchard Road to city sector of the North South Line, and the eastern sector of the Thomson East Coast Line (which connects to the North South Line at Marina Bay station, and will eventually connect to the Changi International Airport). Business along the East Coast, city area and Orchard Road will prosper if such round-the-clock train services are provided, and considering the potential high passengers who may use the services after regular hours, running round-the-clock train services in Singapore is financially viable, if they run at the correct sectors of the Singapore rail network.

Anyway, it's obvious where the future MRT lines will serve, to make economic sense. They are the Seletar Airport and surrounding areas, which currently have high volumes of passenger volumes on public buses. The Cross Island Line branch line from Pasir Ris to Punggol may potentially be its own line and serve this purpose of connecting Seletar Airport and surrounding areas to the other parts of Singapore by rail. This line may even extend from Seletar area to Yishun and over Mandai to serve the developments around Neo Teow Road to support the agricultural industry, and potentially call at Kranji station along the way to connect with the North South Line.

That's one line which is certainly going to be introduced; a branch line originally proposed as part of the Cross Island Line but later rebranded as a line on its own, similar to the Downtown Line, which was originally proposed as part of the Circle Line.

As for the other two lines, I am inclined to believe that they are extension to existing lines, rather than entirely new lines.

The Jurong Region Line, for example, can be extended from Peng Kang Hill station to Gul Circle station to serve the Tuas South Extension, which would otherwise be overcapacity if run as part of the East West Line.

Although controversial as it would lead to numerous discussions on the forums, and probably already discussed before many times, the circle line can be extended from Dhoby Ghaut to Holland Road and towards Ulu Pandan Road. This would make it similar to London's Circle Line and Hammersmith & City Line, in which the Hammersmith & City Line uses the same tracks and platforms as the London Circle Line for about half of the London Circle Line. That line is coloured pink, by the way. We can have a Hammersmith & City Line in Singapore, which runs along Holland Road and absorbs the Dhoby Ghaut to Promenade sector of the existing Circle Line, and probably around the Circle Line Kim Chuan Depot, if the infrastructure allows, have a spur line where the "Hammersmith & City Line in Singapore" branches off to other areas such as Hougang Avenue 3, Tampines Road and Lorong Halus.

This is potentially another MRT line that may be introduced in future. Through which, the Circle Line runs just as a circle, and not in a spiral manner which could be unnecessarily complicated.

With that, I have hypothesized two future new MRT lines.

As for the third possible future new MRT line, it is probably the extension of Jurong Region Line from Peng Kang Hill station to Gul Circle station, to absorb the proposed Tuas South Extension, to run as the Jurong Region Line. If not, probably an express line to enhance the rail connectivity across Singapore, similar to the rail lines in other cities. We really need rail lines with stations spread far spread apart like the stations in London and other cities like Queensland, Australia, if we really want "45 minutes towns", etcetera. Currently, a journey from the western, northern and eastern ends of Singapore to the city area on public transport takes around an hour. For the duration to be shortened to "45 minutes", rail lines with stations spread far apart, meaning only one station in every town the line passes through, to serve as the "main connecting station" in that town, would be required.

Considering the future Circle Line Prince Edward Road station will have 1 unused platform with 2 tracks, that "rail line with stations spread far apart", if originate from Circle Line Prince Edward Road station, can by trajectory serve the residential towns of Bukit Merah, Queenstown, Clementi, Bukit Batok and Tengah. As for the eastern part, it would be Geylang, Bedok and Tampines.

Major roads for the possible "rail line with stations spread far apart" would be Jalan Bukit Merah, Queensway, Dover Road, Commonwealth Avenue West (along with the East West Line), Toh Tuck Avenue, Bukit Batok East Avenue 3 and Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 in the west, and Esplanade Drive, Nicoll Highway, Guillemard Road, Bedok South Road, etcetera. In fact, for the eastern sector of the line, it would help in the redevelopment of the area, as new roads to guide the new MRT line would be helpful, which could facilitate in the redevelopment of the area, as existing developments have to make way for the redevelopment.

Although it would only have about 10 stations from end to end, with only 1 station in every town, it would really shorten the traveling times by public transport significantly, and help to realise the vision of "40 minute towns".

This is the third new MRT line that I have hypothesized. With that, I have presented my vision of the future three new MRT lines beyond 2030.

In summary, the three new MRT lines I have hypothesized are as such,

1. Converting the proposed Cross Island Line branch from Pasir Ris to Punggol into another MRT line, by extending the line further from Punggol to Mandai and further to Neo Teow Road.

2. Having a "Hammersmith & City Line" in Singapore, by extending the Circle Line sector of Promenade to Dhoby Ghaut further to Holland Road and onto Ulu Pandan Road, and building a spur line from Kim Chuan Depot to Hougang Avenue 3, Tampines Road and Lorong Halus, so that this "Hammersmith & City Line" would run from Ulu Pandan Road to the city via Holland Road, and onto the Promenade to Dhoby Ghaut sector of the current Circle Line, run together with the circle line from Promenade to Tai Seng, and then spur off after Tai Seng via Kim Chuan Depot to Hougang Avenue 3, Tampines Road and towards Lorong Halus. And sharing the platforms and tracks as the Circle Line, similar to the London Hammersmith & City Line and Circle Line, between Promenade and Tai Seng.

3. Having a line with only about 10 stations that are spread far apart across the island, to facilitate in shortening traveling times between the city and residential areas to within 45 minutes thereby creating "45 minutes towns".

This hypothesis is likely to be the actual 3 new MRT lines to be announced in the coming months, and I'm looking forward to the announcement when it comes.

Thank you for taking time to read this article.

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