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Rolling Stock, Depots and Future Developments
Quote:Crystal Movers (Blue Interior) - 10
Crystal Movers (Orange Interior) - 6

A better description would be

Quote:Crystal Movers (PMS North/Landside) - 10
Crystal Movers (PMS South/Airside) - 6
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(08 April 2013, 04:33 AM)joeyfjj Wrote:   Show/Hide

By right, it should be:

Quote:Crystal Movers (PMS North/Landside and Airside/Blue Interior) - 10
Crystal Movers (PMS South/Airside/Orange Interior) - 6

Because PMS North T2 - T3 services are shared with Landside and Airside.
I remembered PMS North T1 to T3(Airside)and T1 to T2(Airside) using Blue Interior.
Think we should make it simple lol
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(07 April 2013, 10:03 PM)SBS6019J Wrote:   Show/Hide
With high chance of delaying it again. Don't forget that DTL 3 was originally planned to complete by 2018, "accelerated" to 2016 and only to announced delay to 2017 due to "Jalan Besar" station.
(20 April 2013, 09:22 PM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

as per 2020/2030 plan

ERL is only briefly mentioned (DTL extension from Expo to meet ERL). The matter of TSL to come into operation only in 2021 (stage 3: Caldecott to Gardens by The Bay), could probably mean between 2021 and 2025.

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Vee-Power on 145

TSL too. It was originally planned to complete by 2018. But it was changed to 2019, 2020, 2021 in 3 phases respectively. Plans can be changed.
Even if ERL and TSL will be linked (which btw is currently an unconfirmed rumour, albeit one that has some merit to it), TSL's construction/operation has no bearing on ERL's construction/operation, and any construction issues TSL has should not hold any bearing on ERL's.


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(21 April 2013, 12:39 AM)SMB139U Wrote:   Show/Hide

Quite true, especially the fact that ERL sector will get a depot and the high chance the location will be somewhere in Upper East Coast Bus Terminal area (After Bedok Camp, there is one big grass patch) because apparently the last 2 stations (near Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and Aviation Park) will be operated as Phase 2 of ERL at 2030.

But that will be quite weird because this means ERL will have NO interchange station (Similar to Sengkang LRT operated first then NEL) for 1 year (While the Sengkang situation lasted less than 6 months).
(21 April 2013, 11:12 AM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

The LTA treated TSL/ERL as separate project although there is a planned for TSL linked with ERL as one line. But what if the 1st phase of ERL which without linked with the TSL like (Tanjong Rhu to Bedok South). So, it treated as separate line instead.
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(21 April 2013, 11:38 AM)littlearea Wrote:   Show/Hide
Yup, and it is indeed weird because this ERL is a "outcast" who is disconnected from the system for a year until GBTB opens.

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