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Qantas and Emirates partnership
From 31 March 2013, Qantas and Emirates will launched the new alliance will give both airlines' customers a seamless between Europe, Middle East and Australian network and exclusive frequent flyer benefits.

Under the new agreement, Qantas will move its hub for European flights from Singapore to Dubai and enter an extensive commercial relationship with Emirates. Which means that the Qantas flight to London will stopover at Dubai instead of Singapore, marking the end of the "Kangaroo Route(Australia - Singapore - Europe)".

The questions is this:

1st. Will the QF/EK tie-up will affects Singapore as a "Avation Hub" after QF pullout for Sydney/Melbourne - Singapore - London routes and might loses some transit's passengers at Changi Airport will might impact of our economy?

2nd. Will Singapore Airlines benefits from Qantas pullout and it's make lesser competition on "Kangaroo Route"?

My point of view: Although QF pullout from "Kangaroo Route", but i very confident that Changi Airport Group had make efforts to improve the service standard (ex. like upgrading of the terminals, more facility and more shopping options). It will make Changi Airport a choice of transit hub for air-travelers. This is the reason why Changi Airport gots the most Airport's awards in the world.
The stopover point for Sydney to London flights back to Singapore from Mar 25, 2018.

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