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Train Camps
As part of Improving SGTrains, we have decided to host train camps every two weeks.

The next train camp will be held on 20 April 2013. Details are as follows:

Time: 2pm
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes (may be slightly longer)
Location: Jurong East MRT (Platform F Door 2)

[Image: 55rsr4.jpg]

Please note that ALL Rapid Transit Regulations are to be adhered with.

  • You may leave at any time during the train camp.
  • You are reminded to tap out before 2 hours after you tapped in.
    For example, you came from Tampines MRT at 1pm, you have to tap out at Jurong East MRT before 3pm, then tap in again. From there, you have another 2 hours in the paid area before needing to tap out again.
  • Please remember that you are representing SGTrains.
    The SGTrains Forum Team would like to remind all community members to practice their values and public transport etiquette at all times. This includes not running in stations and trains when not necessary, practising good manners towards self and others and having civilised conduct on public transport. Avoid shouting, screaming and making a commotion. This will not only reflect well on us as a community, but also you as a person. Please remember that this will affect others' perception of both you and the community as a whole.
  • You are advised that SGTrains will not be held responsible for any injuries or fines.
    You responsible for your own doings. We will not be held responsible if you overstayed, injured yourself or if you get a scolding from any of the SMRT Staff or Public.
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Hello I coming (:
[Image: sognature_edited-1.jpg]
I'm coming!Smile
T. Concerto ™ trains<-
(Love all the^new lines and stations!)
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I will be attending Big Grin
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Attending! Smile
I'll most probably attend.
Will be coming.
Most likely will be there.
This account is no longer in use - I'd like to be known by another name, but.. I don't have the 10k points to pay for username change Tongue
Sorry about this but I just realized I have guitar lesson tomorrow. I will not be attending. Sorry for "last-minute" confirming.

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