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Railway Depots in Singapore
Is it true that all depots in Singapore are owned by LTA and operated by SMRT?

if not, which depots are owned by LTA & SMRT..?

Does anyone have any idea?

Share ur view and opinion thanks!
(28 February 2013, 11:51 AM)xzr3b0rnzsx Wrote:   Show/Hide

The MRT depots in Singapore owned by LTA but not all depots operated by SMRT. Bishan, Ulu Pandan, Changi and Kim Chuan Depot are operated by SMRT while Sengkang Depot is operated by SBS Transit.
oh i see.. thanks for ur response

I wonder how frequent do they use their depot equipment for maintenance of rolling stock.. with so many people in the trains daily, handling much more than it is suppose to hold.

years ago, around 2003-2004 they bought new depot equipments from windhoff then recently just got new ones from hitachi..
(01 March 2013, 04:52 PM)xzr3b0rnzsx Wrote:   Show/Hide

Usually for the NSEWL, they can use any 3 depots(Bishan, Ulu Pandan and Changi) for maintenance unless for major overhaul which only can done at Bishan Depot.
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I think Kim Chuan Depot is owned by both SBS Transit and SMRT until when Gali Batu Depot (operated by SBS Transit) is opened, which will shift all DTL trains from Kim Chuan Depot to Gali Batu Depot.
(12 October 2015, 06:35 AM)xavier2002 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Even when DTL2 and Gali Batu Depot are complete, some of the DTL trains will still stabled here even after DTL3 is complete. 

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