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Singapore-Kuala Lumpur HSR Discussions
As confirmed by Prime Ministers of both countries. Singapore will have a High Speed Rail to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by 2020. With this move, KL is now much closer to Singapore.

Personally i feel that this will give people more travelling options to KL from SG
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Then what about the RTS? scrapped? or combined with HSR? or separate projects? There needs to be more clarifications on this from both governments.
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(26 February 2013, 08:30 AM)leonardtan Wrote:   Show/Hide

Separate projects, the RTS is for SG to JB, which is serves only in JB. The HSR is for SG to KL, which is serves some city's in Malaysia.
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(26 February 2013, 08:34 AM)littlearea Wrote:   Show/Hide

the HSR is from SG to KL

the transit rail between SG and JB complements it

as mentioned

HSR possible stations

Malaysian side
KL Sentral (?)
(one station)
Melaka Sentral
JB Iskandar

Lim Chu Kang?

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(26 February 2013, 12:25 PM)d143b2 Wrote:   Show/Hide

The current proposed route for HSR (as stated in the other thread) is:
Singapore (Tuas?) > Iskandar > Batu Pahat > Muar > Ayer Keroh (Melaka) > Seremban > Kuala Lumpur (KL Sentral?)

The RTS link is only in the north, i.e. Woodlands to JB Sentral. The proposed route for HSR do not bypass Woodlands or JB Sentral.
(26 February 2013, 12:40 PM)willischong Wrote:   Show/Hide

in one of the threads, the northern termini of RTS is slated to be at Kempas or Kempas Sentral.

could the RTS feed into the HSR??

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(26 February 2013, 12:44 PM)d143b2 Wrote:   Show/Hide

If the proposed route is confirmed, the RTS will not have connections with the HSR.

And yes RTS' northern terminus should be at Kempas Sentral, along with KTM Intercity's EDTP.
Well, this HSR will definitely be a separate project.

This is because HSR will have to use a different powering, probably the one used in NEL or even maglev as 3rd rail cannot carry such high voltage.

I hope this HSR can connect the Malaysia's important cities (On top of KL) and links to Thailand (But Thai South chaos is another problem) and other countries, perhaps even to Myanmar / China / India and beyond. With this, then I believe the economic scale of the line will be so enormous and fits into some ASEAN 2015 plan etc......
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(03 March 2013, 11:46 AM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

In today's Zaobao said that it might extend to Beijing via Bangkok.
Hope HSR is Standard Gauge.

It would be weird if HSR ran on metered gauge. Narrower track but yet a fast train...Confused

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