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Jurong Region Line (JRL) Discussion
Media has confirmed there will be a revised alignment for JRL when Pioneer PS vacant the site. I am guessing that in future, LTA will also construct a viaduct linking JW ST 82 to Lor Tawas to improve connectivity between NTU, JID to Jurong West.

[Image: LTA-Artist-Impression_JW2.jpg]
The artist impression of JW2 Tawas station does not align with the URA master plan 2019, where the road is not along the JW2 Tawas station, but approximately 200 metres away from JW2 Tawas station and surrounding the station.

Nonetheless, if they can build a road connection between Jurong West Street 82 and Clean Tech Park, in the form of a flyover similar to the Bukit Panjang Flyover, that goes over the Pan-Island Expressway (which is at ground level), this would help to relieve the traffic at the nearby Jalan Bahar (which has traffic congestion during peak hours), help to facilitate the bus bridging services in the event of train service disruption, as well as help the people living in Gek Poh area to walk or drive to the Clean Tech Park to work in the office buildings or enjoy the greenery at the Jurong Eco-Garden that is situated in the middle of the Clean Tech Park.

In fact, I have a feeling the authorities may be planning for an integrated road and rail viaduct that is similar to the one at Tuas Viaduct at Pioneer Road, just that this one would probably also have a pedestrian walkway to allow pedestrians to walk to and from the Jurong West residential area and Clean Tech Park. Whereas for the name, let's just call it "Jurong West Flyover".
the possible explanation is that the road which is meant to run along Tawas station hasnt been built or announce yet. Considering the alignment and lack of connectivity between Cleantech to JW, having a bridge or viaduct linking JW to Tawas will be great for the area and it will certainly help to boost the businesses for mixed used developments around JID Tawas station.

I also think that to vacant out the entire school cannot be just for straightening the track alignment. There must be more to it.
To be fair, the enrollment of Pioneer Primary School and Juying Primary School have been falling, as evident in the primary 1 enrollment numbers and vacancies in the two schools. The merger was expected to happen sooner or later.
(07 April 2021, 11:44 PM)CHT Wrote:   Show/Hide

On the possible flyover between Jurong West Street 82 and Clean Tech Park, one requirement is that the flyover alignment has to be straight, to ensure that the drivers can drive safely. Therefore, whereas the Jurong Region Line alignment from JW1 Gek Poh station will turn a bit after Jurong West Street 82 to travel to JW2 Tawas station, the possible flyover has to continue to travel in a straight alignment towards Clean Tech Park. Including the road reserves for future road expansion as per every other Singapore road, the required land area encompasses almost if not all of Pioneer Primary School's premises.

That should be the "more to it" that you are talking about.
According to the media the revised alignment for JRL is to pass through PPS, instead of original plan of skirting around PPS. Hence any plan to extent JW St 82 toward Tawas should not be an issue. The only concern I have is if JW 82 has got the capacity to to handle more traffic. 

Alternatively, the link can be limited to walking, cycling and AV around JID
Actually, I was even thinking, now with the alignment straightened, and if they want to build a flyover together with it, which has to be straight to ensure the vehicles are driven safely, the location of JW2 Tawas station may be slightly adjusted, which is definitely possible, since that part of Clean Tech Park is presently a greenfield site and everything is currently only on paper. 

Whereas for the road capacity, Jurong West Street 82 is a 2-lane carriage way. The road that serves as a gateway to the Clean Tech Park (Clean Tech View) is a 3-lane carriage way. Although the flyover would most probably follow Jurong West Street 82 and be a 2-lane carriage way, and have one less lane than the Clean Tech View that leads into the Clean Tech Park, with the Jurong Region Line providing public transport capacity, I think even if there are only 2-lanes per direction on the flyover, the road capacity should be more than enough.

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