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Jurong Region Line (JRL) Discussion
Yesterday, I was at NSL Choa Chu Kang station. The former Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange has been demolished, and a small car park has been built at the area where the former bus interchange entrance used to be situated.

The space between the small car park and the NSL Choa Chu Kang station is only enough to build the JRL Choa Chu Kang station.

In other words, the new Choa Chu Kang Bus Interchange that was opened last year is probably a permanent bus interchange, rather than a temporary bus interchange.
(27 March 2020, 01:06 AM)busanalyser Wrote:   Show/Hide
it opened in dec 2018 not last year

Likewise for Jurong East Bus Interchange.

Actually, the space between JRL Choa Chu Kang station and the road has already been announced to have a hawker centre.


Whereas for the space between JRL Jurong East Station and the road, it has already been announced to have the LTA headquarters.


Both locations (Choa Chu Kang and Jurong East) are too small to build a bus interchange with the required capacity, after the JRL stations are built.

Also, considering the amount of investment put into developing the new Choa Chu Kang bus interchange and the new Jurong East bus interchange, the latter even has a bridge built to connect it with Jurong East MRT Station, these bus interchanges should be permanent rather than temporary.
Something we can expect to see when the Jurong Region Line construction begins next year.*

And in 2024.

Basically, the 三鶯線 in Taiwan, which is projected to open in 2023, three years earlier than Jurong Region Line. As the 三鶯線 is also an elevated system with tight curves, the construction of 三鶯線 offers a preview of how the construction of Jurong Region Line would be like.

*sewage and cable diversion is currently ongoing, will be completed around Q3 this year. After which, it is road diversion. So, it is likely that construction will begin next year.
Based on the geography of the area as well as the altitude of the JRL viaducts, the extension from JRL Choa Chu Kang Station can only go north-west, towards Lim Chu Kang area.

Based on the low traffic in Lim Chu Kang area, extending the JRL to Lim Chu Kang area is more financially viable than extending the DTL from the future Sungei Kadut terminus to Lim Chu Kang area. 

This is because the JRL costs less to develop and the capacity is smaller.

Based on demand-supply, it would be more appropriate to use the smaller-capacity JRL to provide the rail services in Lim Chu Kang area, as and when the demand justify for the rail connection in Lim Chu Kang area.

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