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Jurong Region Line (JRL) Discussion
Good thing they have services from
boon lay to jurong industrial estate ... The workers can take train to there instead of taking NAC..

Edit : Oh wait, NAC Buses alr scrapped.. So this is the only way for them to go to work.. But still got bus services...
Some netizens said that JRL is LRT...
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On my personal view, yes, definitely looks like an LRT line to me, serving only few station. Well, I bet bigger train to serve lot of commuters.
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(17 January 2013, 07:46 PM)MichaelJacksonwithJ5 Wrote:   Show/Hide

During 2001, then Transport Minister Yeo Cheow Tong visited the Dover Station. He also stated Jurong Region Line will be next LRT line after Bukit Panjang, Sengkang and Punggol. But, the plans put on hold in 2008.
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Guys, Circle Line was planned in 1996 masterplan as LRT line. I am not surprise if the Jurong Region Line is upgraded from LRT to MRT for the following reasons:

1) Jurong will be the largest population area in the future as Jurong West houses 3rd most populated town despite parts of it is still undeveloped while Bedok is basically stagnant development because the number of available lands for future BTOs are getting less annually as a mature town and Jurong's only rival to this is Tampines who is the present 2nd most populated town with some space to develop such as Tampines North (Ave 12 area) and Tampines West (St 85).

2) The Jurong Region Line, I see will be "similar to BPLRT" in the sense that there will be 3 sub-lines as well.

A - Bird Park Line (Jurong Industrial - Nanyang)

B - Boon Lay Line (Boon Lay - Choa Chu Kang)

C - Pandan Line (Teban Gardens - Lam Sam)

Notable part is Line A and B will interchange at Boon Lay while Line B & C will interchange at Lam Sam, next to present Home Team Academy.

In short,

Line A will run in parallel with Jalan Boon Lay and I started to wonder if the Jurong Shipyard is moving and that the present Tanjong Kling Road can ever get extended to Jurong Pier to serve as it's backdoor. There should have a station in Jurong West St 64 (Blk 685) and Gek Poh station for that before a Nanyang station though.

Line B will run extensively under Jurong West Ave 2 and cutting through PIE into "nowhere land" before joining Choa Chu Kang via CCK Ave 3.

Please be prepared to see a non-integrated interchange at CCK, as I hate it, based on today's map should that station falls in the empty land on the other end of CCK Loop.

Line C, will cover small part of West Coast Road, and I see a Pandan station that links with another station in Teban via CRL and Line C will go North Westwards after Jurong East Interchange that go through parts of Bukit Batok Road and serve Bukit Batok West Residents and Millennia Institute students before going through the "nowhere land" into Lam Sam.

There are strategical reason for so as follows:

Line A, well, the MRT line could jolly well extend into Jurong Island and parts of Tuas before enclosing into Nanyang and formed an orbitual Nanyang Line.

Line B will be the one linking to the Punggol via Stage 2 or even 3 of NCL in post 2035 era

Line C, I really see the Pandan station as the terminus of Line C gets extended and links to Haw Par Villa of present CCL and it is the best candidate to link Lim Chu Kang into MRT system in post 2045 / 2050 era since Lim Chu Kang IS an HDB estate on it's own and there was HDB flats in > 15 years ago. But I do not see the chance of linking back to the EWL unless the rolling stock is C151 and their gang and explains the purpose of having 60 more trains in a new Tuas depot.
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(17 January 2013, 09:44 PM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

I agree too that it has the potential to become a MRT line, judging by the large amount of residents living around the area of the proposed line.

Previously last year the Government also announced that it would be developing the new Tengah New Town after Punggol New Town is completed. And there's pretty much space for Tengah New Town to expand, as the area was previously occupied by Hong Kah Village and has been unoccupied from several decades already.

Looking at the proposed route of the Jurong Region Line, it will be serving 5 New Towns (Jurong West, Boon Lay, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong East, Clementi), 1 Industrial Estate (the huge Jurong Industrial Estate) and the upcoming Tengah New Town, the LRT line actually has a large population catchment, and maybe just the LRT would not be enough to cope with the demand.
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Well i think the LRT would be enough provided its a 3 car one and its complemented with Feeder buses
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今日も JR西日本をご利用くださいましてありがとうございます。この電車は環状線内回り、大阪、西九条、弁天町方面行きです。次は、桜ノ宮に泊まります。お客様にお願い致します、有線座席ではお年寄りや体の不自由なお客様、妊娠中や乳幼児をお連れのお客様がいらっしゃいましたら席をお譲り下さい。ご協力をお願いします。
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Actually I was hoping that it can pass through streets with no buses (like JE street 13)
Space problems? Well I had these concepts:
[Image: dyreturitu.jpg]

[Image: jdjhgjrtiyoiy.jpg]

Yours sincerely,
(17 January 2013, 09:44 PM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

Gek Poh area is too crowded for any MRT Construction, i m speculating Jalan Bahar
Benjamin Goh 
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今日も JR西日本をご利用くださいましてありがとうございます。この電車は環状線内回り、大阪、西九条、弁天町方面行きです。次は、桜ノ宮に泊まります。お客様にお願い致します、有線座席ではお年寄りや体の不自由なお客様、妊娠中や乳幼児をお連れのお客様がいらっしゃいましたら席をお譲り下さい。ご協力をお願いします。
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(17 January 2013, 11:07 PM)SBS6019J Wrote:   Show/Hide
Hmm, quite true. But some parts of Jurong West St 81 might proved to be quite far to reach any MRT station (Pioneer, NTU or Jalan Bahar) within 10 minutes?

I thought the transport minister mentioned such target for 80% households and I speculates the 20% that failed this criteria is still mainly in Whampoa area. Damn sad for them.

Not to mention the industrial area can be quite crowded as well (There are still unused plot of land, either they make way for MRT lines and lose revenue from land sale or a underground station but above ground is industrial building).

EDIT: I think based on Benjamin's comment, I am looking at the empty land on the opposite of STK (Some auto / military) factory besides Jurong Point as a interchange to Boon Lay and that line runs underground of Jalan Boon Lay instead of being parallel and deep intrude the heartlands. Then the 'Gek Poh' / Jalan Bahar station can be based on the bus stop code 27091 and serve both St 64 and Gek Poh. Apparently when I think of this line, I make it sounded too LRT already and missed the picture.

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