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Jurong Region Line (JRL) Discussion
Mitsubishi Crystal Mover doesnt seem to have the capacity for the line. Remember, it is not a light rail, it is a medium capacity fully overground line, JUST like the lrt, buiLt slightly bigger and larger, so the Crystal Movers may be modified to be fit for these IF they had been chosen, again i am purely speculating from my point of view.
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Or why not, the Alstom Metropolis or the Bombardier MOVIA, or those similarly-shaped train models found on the NSEWL, but at a smaller size? 

It is possible, if it is possible to enlarge the size of the Mitsubishi Crystal Mover and the Bombardier Innovia APM.

Here, I would like to mention, the Changi Airport skytrain, which uses the Mitsubishi Crystal Mover, is slightly bigger than the standard size, at 12.5m by 2.7m, instead of the standard 11.8m by 2.69m. (
My modified suggestion for the Mitsubishi Crystal Movers is that it could be longer like the one use in Japan for the Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Waterfront Line and Osaka Metro Nanko Port Town Line, for example. These are either 4 to 6 cars long but one train motorcar is shorter than the Crystal Movers used in Singapore. Also, there is a metro version of the Innovia series used by Rapid KL in Malaysia.
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A letter writer wrote to the press recently to recommend changing the names of some stations on the JRL.

The letter can be found here:

The response to the letter can be found here:
Also, these Innovia metro sets will still use standard gauge track but instead of IGBT motors used on other mrt models, these one will use linear motor. These motors are used on other rolling stock around the world for example, Toei Odeo Line and Rapid KL Kelana Jaya Line. 
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In response to the post on SGTrains Facebook page,

JRL trains - 18.6m by 2.75m
UK’s DLR trains - 28m by 2.65m
Malaysia’s STAR LRT trains - 14m by 2.65m
Taiwan’s 環狀線電聯車 - 17m by 2.65m

By comparison, the JRL trains should be the same as the Taiwan 環狀線電聯車, if not slightly bigger, by 1.6m length and 0.1m width.

The benefit of buying ready-made product is that it is cheaper as there’s no need to specially adjust the components at the factory to make the train.

If LTA chooses the option of buying trains already available in the market, most probably it would be the same model as the Taiwan 環狀線電聯車.

It would be cheaper than buying trains that are smaller or bigger than the standard size, such as a bigger Mitsubishi Crystal Mover or a smaller Alstom Metropolis. 

So, SGTrains has the point.

I’m guessing that the 18.6m by 2.75m is just an estimation given by LTA in response to queries from The Straits Times, as there’s no mention about it in the LTA press release when they announce the Jurong Region Line.

The press release:

The Straits Times article mentioning the JRL train size:

Nonetheless, looking at how LTA customise the interior for the C951 and the newer NSEWL trains, it’s likely that they would indeed customise the trains for JRL as well.
If i am not wrong, they should be with full glass panels in front of the train
(Like those that are C830C, C830, C751C where the whole front and back are look-through.)
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Yep. It may not have a detrainment door, if the rolling stock is an Innovia Metro 300 or AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro.
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(14 October 2018, 11:06 PM)busanalyser Wrote:   Show/Hide

Based on what I know, there is a open space between Blks 863 & 864 and Pioneer Primary School, as I changed the map to Satelite view on Google Maps. This is what I have drew up the possible viaducts between Gek Poh and Tawas.
[Image: 43879560_252497032126487_413667384964939...e=5C4EEE18]

On the LTA Presentation slides of where the locations of stations along the JRL to be built, I found out that Tawas Station is parallel to where Blk 864 and Pioneer Primary School is. I believe that the JRL viaducts is going to cut through the open space between Blk 863 & 864 and Pioneer Primary School. It is quite impossible that the JRL viaducts would run in between Pioneer Primary School and One World International School, as the fencing of both schools needed to be torn down, to make way of the JRL viaducts.

Page 20 - Gek Poh and Page 21 - Tawas Stations locations to be built, in this link below:
(16 October 2018, 11:36 PM)busanalyser Wrote:   Show/Hide

to be honest, I doubt they'll adopt a complicated design

[Image: C8fO7DN.jpg]
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