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Cross Island Line (CRL) / North Shore Line Discussion
Or maybe that picture was only sent to media to use to do reporting. The actual alignment is still subject to confirmation.

Because although Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia show a wiggle alignment, ZaoBao showed a relatively straight alignment, with a bit of turning at the nature reserve southern portion to run along the golf course perimeter.


Why not straightaway go through the golf course? Why must meander along the perimeter and include the nature reserve? 

The various news articles alignments is probably not the official alignment.

The official alignment have to wait for the government agencies to reveal, such as the Urban Redevelopment Authority, through the next Master Plan, which have to wait 5 to 6 years later then will announce, because the current one was this year just announced only.

So, don't know. Don't want to know.

Only know that Cross Island Line implementation has made progress, and looking forward to the Cross Island Line opening date, which is around 2030 to 2035 like that. Smile
Stations for CRL Punggol Branch is out, scheduled complete by 2031.

Seems to be quite interesting anyway, hopefully it will be completed by 2031  Smile
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Rep: SG5921Y   
(10 March 2020, 02:57 PM)A380Lover Wrote:   Show/Hide

With regards to "Riveria MRT Station",

1. The Cross Island Line will obviously run along Punggol Central.

2. Riveria LRT Station is around 160 metres from Punggol Central.

160 metres is a 2 minutes walk, according to the "One Map" mobile phone application. Should be the same distance as transferring at Serangoon MRT Station.

3. To optimise resources, obviously modifications should be made to connect Riveria LRT Station to Riveria MRT Station. But, looking at Google Maps Street View of Riveria LRT Station from Punggol Central, it is not possible to provide the connection at Platform level or at Concourse level.

4. The only possible connection between Riveria MRT Station and Riveria LRT Station is through the street level. Which means, the transfer arrangement will be similar to Tampines MRT Station, between the Downtown Line (underground) and East West Line (elevated).

5. No change in public bus network expected in tandem with Riveria MRT Station, other than the possible reduction of public transport resources in the public bus services and Punggol East LRT as the Cross Island Line is a high capacity MRT line.

6. Punggol residents will still take the public bus or LRT to the Punggol MRT Station to take the North East Line to the city. The Cross Island Line is for connection to Pasir Ris and Changi.

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