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[Official - On Hold] Harbourvale Line for openBVE [NB: BKJ to HBV]
Harbourvale Line Version 4.051 for openBVE has been released!

After the resignation of the current president of Harbourvale City, Mr Nicholas Goh, the new president has stepped into the scene, and released version 4.030 of Harbourvale Line, from where the previous president, Mr Nicholas Goh, has left off.
Please note, Mr Goh is still the CEO of HCRT.

[Image: Harbourvale%20City%20Rapid%20Transit%20System%20Map.png]
Current Harbourvale City Rapid Transit System Map.

There are 16 stations on this line, with 6 of them interchanging with other lines, like the City Line, Kegstone Line, Blackton Line etc. Some stations are served with a light rail service in the area, such as the Evergreen Fields LRT. The two terminus on the lines are [2] HL16 Blackton Junction and [1] HL1 Harbourvale. Currently, all passengers have to alight at Blackton Junction as the train has to turn back, whereas at Harbourvale, two trains can be stabilized at both platforms.

In the game, you are required to follow speed limits strictly, and to be on time. However, safety comes first, so do not overspeed when you are late. When you overrun out of the station for 25m, please bypass the station and alert commuters to board another train back. Enter the stations at less than 60km/h, to prevent overrun. Please make sure all train doors are closed before moving off.

The latest version includes version 2.1 Rail Active Travel Information System (RATIS) and also involves two construction areas. The first is at Wynyard, in which there will be a new shopping mall will be integrated with it, therefore, please slow down to 30km/h when entering the station, and bypass the station under 20km/h. The other is the construction of the Western Harbourvale Extension, after Central station.

The default train will be the (not-yet released) C100A. (For now, please use SGBVE current SMRT 6-car EMUs)
The whole route, including objects and sounds, will be 209MB large. It is recommended that you use a machine with a dedicated graphics memory for this route to prevent lags.

(Latest Version) Version 4.051 (2011-08-28): .zip [Dropbox] [Mirror - MediaFire] | .7z [MediaFire]
(Patch for Version 4.050) Version 4.051 (2011-08-28): [Refer to this post]
Version 4.050 (2011-08-10): .zip [MediaFire] | .7z [MediaFire]
Version 4.045 (2011-05-09): .zip [Dropbox] [Mirror - MediaFire] | .7z [MediaFire]
Version 4.042 (2011-05-08): .zip [Dropbox] [Mirror - MediaFire] | .7z [MediaFire]
Version 4.035 (2011-05-01): .zip [Dropbox] [Mirror - MediaFire] | .7z [MediaFire]
Version 4.030 (2011-04-02): .zip [MediaFire] | .7z [MediaFire]
If you are updating from a previous version, it is recommended that you remove the objects from the previous Harbourvale Line version first before extracting. Some files in the new version might have been deleted or moved, thus using up more disk space.
File hosting by Dropbox and MediaFire

Current developer:

Previous developers:
Flip (co-developer)

Change log:
Harbourvale Line v4.051 (2011-08-28)
-Minor Bugfix for two sets of RATIS in HL13 South Coast

Harbourvale Line v4.050 (2011-08-10)
-All RATIS on the Harbourvale Line has been changed, extra RATIS screens have been added for selected stations. North West Line NW1 (HL13) South Coast Interchange will retain the older RATIS.
-One signal before HL6 Central station has been adjusted.
-Some station stop points has been adjusted to facilitate accurate RATIS trigger points.
-Fixed yellow line bug at HL3 Rivervale.

Harbourvale Line v4.045 (2011-05-09)
-HL1 Harbourvale and HL2 Shorevale is now opened.
-Section between HL3 Rivervale and HL1 Harbourvale is now open, train service now terminates at HL1 Harbourvale.
-Announcements have been changed for the removal of the service disruption announcement.
-Signs have been modified or removed to reflect the reopening of HL2 Shorevale and HL1 Harbourvale.
-The seats have been changed in HL14 Stadium, HL8 Kegstone and HL7 Square Quays stations.
-Some announcements shifted to fit in the new interval standard announcements.
-Timings between HL6 Central and HL2 Shorevale adjusted for extra time between HL3 Rivervale and HL2 Shorevale to let the train proceed slower.
-The system map is modified to remove the note on HL1 Harbourvale and HL2 Shorevale.
-Barriers have been removed from the construction area at HL1 Harbourvale.

Harbourvale Line v4.042 (2011-05-08)
-Announcements between HL16 Blackton Junction and HL12 Harbourvale Highway have been updated to the new format.
-Other announcements have also been modified to have a standard time interval between the words.
-Stations with "This train service terminates at Harbourvale" announcement has been changed to the service disruption announcement.
-HL1 Harbourvale and HL2 Shorevale are now closed temporarily for the addition of the cross over.
-Train service now terminates at HL3 Rivervale.
-Signs have been modified or added to reflect the temporary service disruption and temporary terminal station.
-The system map is fixed into the correct pixel ratio.
-Number of passengers/people between HL1 Harbourvale and HL3 Rivervale has been modified to reflect the current crowd during the service disruption.
-The RATIS has been modified to reflect the temporary terminal station.
-Speed limit after HL6 Central has been modified from 40kph to 50kph.

Harbourvale Line v4.035 (2011-05-01)
Harbourvale Line v4.030 (2011-04-02)
Please refer to Readme.txt included with the route file.

Note: The latest version of the Harbourvale Line is fully compatible with
openBVE 1.4.2

Get the openBVE latest stable version here:
- Flip
/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
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  • cclset22, Mark4211
Who is the announcer? Tongue
(02 April 2011, 11:47 AM)dan474 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Unchanged ^_^

Oh ya, for those who are going to update to the new version, please be sure to read the whole route description again, cause it'll be more easier to understand what's going on in the latest version.
- Flip
/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
(02 April 2011, 02:02 PM)Flip Wrote:   Show/Hide

Then the other lines. the unreleased ones?
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Global Moderator
Hall of Fame Updater

(02 April 2011, 02:13 PM)idiiop Wrote:   Show/Hide

The next version of Blackton Line will still be released by Nickgoh himself, while the Airport Express Line and the North West Line is taken over by me already.
- Flip
/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
(02 April 2011, 07:42 PM)Flip Wrote:   Show/Hide

Hmm then the others. which haven been made?
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Why the current release of Harbourvale Line is not compatible with the current development version? Have errors? (I ask because I am using it currently.)
Barely active here.
(02 April 2011, 07:50 PM)idiiop Wrote:   Show/Hide

Most likely they'll be released by their respective developers, like the Kegstone Line is by Bryan, if I'm not wrong.

(02 April 2011, 07:56 PM)jerryonhere Wrote:   Show/Hide

Notice you get a "-100 Passed Red Signal" when you start the route, lol!
- Flip
/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
(02 April 2011, 11:51 PM)Flip Wrote:   Show/Hide

Won't affect me in any way!
Barely active here.
I would still develop the Blackton Line, the Evergreen Fields Line and probably the City Line. The Resorts World Line should also continue under my development. Smile
[Image: nickgoh45-0.png]

Chairperson of Harbourvale City Rapid Transit Grin

Train Reps: 85/86, 221/222

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