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Train driver killed, another injured in freak accident on Kunming subway
Train driver killed, another injured in freak accident on Kunming subway

From: South China Morning Post
By: Stephen Chen
Date: 09/01/13

A train driver was killed and another injured in a derailment yesterday during a test run on the second subway line in Kunming, Yunnan province.

The derailment caused an air conditioning unit to fall from the ceiling in the lead car of the train, killing the driver, according to a statement from the Kunming Rail Transit Company to Xinhua.

The train's speed at the time of the accident was not given, but it is likely that the brakes had been applied as the derailment occurred when the train was approaching Lidou South Station at about 9am and was about 500 metres from the platform.

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I hope these things do not happen in Singapore.
In my imagination:

The last train to Boon Lay is at platform A. The last train to Boon Lay is at platform A. Please board the train now, good night.

(Joo Koon towards Boon Lay)

Next station, Bugis. This train service will end at Marina South Pier.

(Cross-line service from Pasir Ris to Raffles Place; although impossible in real life Grin Grin  )

Attention please. The last train to Marina Bay is arriving. The last train to Marina Bay is arriving. Passengers traveling towards Marina Bay, please proceed to the platform now. Thank you.

(The last train to Marina Bay in the Circle Line)

(09 January 2013, 05:27 PM)LondonUndergroundFan233 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Ok London
[Image: profile.php?preview_cover=152850478416343]

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