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[Bug] Error in Receiving Points
Hi Admins/Mods,
I just noticed that the points I currently have is incorrect.

Looking at my post count, it depicts that I have 15 posts. But for the points, it shows that I did not received from the points system the accurate number of points.

Evidence: For registering, I would have 75 points. And if I include the post counts, the points should be 92.50. When I add on the rest of the points I should have receive (e.g: visiting the forums), the difference between the amount I have now is more than about 10 points.

I hope that you can look into this problem and fix it as soon as possible. Thx!Smile
I rarely operate here due to lack of time. However, I may come back from time to time.
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How many times have u visited the forums?
(24 December 2012, 03:55 PM)haojie60 Wrote:   Show/Hide
I'm not sure...Undecided but i do remember that the system added the no. of visits accurately. its just sometimes when i post things, they don't add on for me, even after days.
I rarely operate here due to lack of time. However, I may come back from time to time.
Farewell, SBST Volvo Striders...
In fact,

75.00 + (16 x 1.25) + 1.50 = 96.25 points

That should be the minimum points you should get.
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Then sth is wrong with the points system liao.
Hi, I'm trying to reproduce the error that you've reported. Will get back to you shortly!

UPDATE: After investigations I have reimbursed your points according to 75+(1.25x15)+(1x1.75). Should you encounter this problem again feel free to post a reply back to this thread!

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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Hi Willis, once again, thx for fixing this system. had also +1 rep (PMed you)
PS: If anyone has a similar problem may also post in this thread.Smile
I rarely operate here due to lack of time. However, I may come back from time to time.
Farewell, SBST Volvo Striders...
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Just wondering,
The point system was added in Sep 24, around there.
Members that are registered before that and posted before that, does it count?

Eg: I registered in Jan 1, posted 1000 posts, 10 new threads, visited x times. - 75+ 1250+11.75+x=1336.75+x
Sep 24 when points sytem added, Posted 25 times, 1 new thread, visited y times. - 31.25 + 1.75 + y = 33+y

Adding up will be 1336.75+33+x+y = 1369.75+x+y

So conclusion, do I actually have 33+y now or 1369.75+x+y?

ps sorry for algebras :X
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I've some questions too..

Do I actually get 1.25+1.75=3.00 pts for creating a new thread with a new post, or do I get just 1.75 pts for creating a new thread with a new post?

Do I get any points if I create threads in the Spamming Area or in Forum Games?

And I think my points were calculated wrongly too.. Confused (disregarding points given per poll vote and per visit).

I have 634 posts on this forums and have created 5 threads.

So, according to the points system:

New Post: 1.25 pts
New Thread : 1.75 pts
New Registration: 75.00 pts

In the case, I should be awarded 75.00+1.25*634+1.75*5 = 876.25 pts if the points were awarded as per the first case I highlighted in my first question, or I would be awarded 75.00+1.25*629+1.75*5 = 870.00 pts if the points were awarded as per the second case I highlighted in my first question.

Please help to look into the matter, and I hope to hear a reply from you soon. Thanks for your help! Big Grin
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(26 December 2012, 12:18 AM)SBS8300H Wrote:   Show/Hide

Hi, the points system awarded lesser points in the past, that explains the lesser number of points than calculated.

Also, when creating new threads, you only get 1.75 points, not 1.75+1.25=3.
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