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Views on SMRT Multi-languange annoucements
So how the views of SMRT implement the Multi-language announcements?

For me it is best to have Multi-language announcements to reflect the Singapore multicultural diversity.
I feel that the chinese announcements is useful or Singaporean Chinese , those that are aged between 45 to the 80s . So yea . It's useful , not only for the Chinese. (:
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Useful for some tourists also...
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SMRT only had Chinese announcements and, while it may not be multi-language yet, it's still an improvement, especially after SMRT sought public feedback.

As mentioned countless times before, SBS Transit has been doing this for years; many members of public are just nitpicking at everything SMRT does.
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Unfortunately, the announcements are now been removed progressively, thanks to the work of certain people who are just anti-PRC in general .______.


★chinese new year: im a magnemite

★EREEN: ****

★EREEN: pokemon control pokemon

★chinese new year: i have magnet pull

★chinese new year: these klefkis are my slaves
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Aiyo, to me, if the mandarin announcement are removed, why not replace them with only in english but same methods. (eg. *chime* Bishan Interchange. Change at this station to the circle line.)
[Image: BJ3ITIl.png]
My view: The Chinese announcement is useful for people who are not English educated (Who are primarily the old Singaporean that did not go to public school on their era.). So for those who criticize it (Including SBST' Chinese announcement in NEL) are plain pain in the @ss and being right down self-fish.

We should create barrier-free infrastructure and that does not and should not confined to wheel-chair bound / blind personnel.

For those who suggested Malay name announcement, that is mainly plain old repeat station lor (Notable exception were Toa Payoh, Ang Mo Kio, [Choa / Yio] Chu Kang, Bishan, Yishun, Boon Lay, Boon Keng for Chinese based name --> And Chinese Garden is not counted as the Chinese station name's pronunciation is not anywhere close ("Yu Hua Yuan" to be exact) to the English one since it is a "dictionary word" with translation and the only Indian based name I know of is Dhoby Ghaut and "Little India" is not included for the same reason as the "Chinese Garden" example. I believe Little India in Tamil does not read the same as how you read in English.)

Is the Malay station name for "Buona Vista" the same as the English one?

I do agree that there should have Tamil announcement for station as well, just the suspicious behavior announcement.
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I would prefer 4 languages to only exist for the transfer announcements. Since the main aim is to ensure commuters do not change trains wrongly. SMRT can pull the same thing off just like Jurong East during peak hours.

Considering that new PA transfer announcements are much shorter than the old ones, I am quite confident that there will always be sufficient distance for 4 languages to play; whether departure or arrival and yet still leaving that remaining portion of quiet time whilst the train travels between stations.

If got problem with the distance, SMRT can always cut short the pause between Next Station and the transfer announcement.
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Looks like my suggestion has been taken... no more chinese and same method...
[Image: BJ3ITIl.png]
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(08 December 2012, 12:30 AM)Ethan777 Wrote:   Show/Hide

The bilingual/multilingual announcements are mainly meant to allow those who are not proficient in English to know where they are.

Ensuring commuters do not change trains wrongly is definitely an important objective but my verdict for interchange announcements is out in the open, given that many people actually do not bother to pay attention to them.
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