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[News Article] Security guard dies after being crushed by gate (at Sengkang depot)
[Image: 198141_1878563759393_1100241924_32193923_1400190_n.jpg]
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OMG, how did the guard got crushed by a gate??
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how come the gate suddenly collasped? Huh
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Omg ... I feel so sorry for him and his family ... First day of work then kenna...
Smile Tongue
So tragic - On the first day and now gone... Sad..

What kind of gate is this? Sliding gate or "use-hinges" gate? If it is the second, then hinges most probably is loose.
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hope he rest in peace and do not harm the others. btw, they never do maintenance to the infrastructure of the depot meh?
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may the guard RIP. and it also begs the question of how a relatively new structure can suffer from such wear and tear?
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I don't see anything there... Huh

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