Poll: What is the suggested new length (Glass between doors, Glass between 4th and 1st door respectively)
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Positioning of doors on the C151, C151A, C651 and C751B
Hi everyone, I guess I will on-hold ALL BVE development with effect for now until the poll reaches an agreement to fix every tiny issue in the present BVESG.

What happen is if u notice, the gangway is 1.5m for each coupler side, and a coupler is the middle of 2 train cars which makes it 1.5m + 1.5m = 3m for the ENTIRE gangway!!!!! Isnt that too long?

Also, if you have noticed, the PSD glass also no standard one. Apart of the glass that joins into different cars, there is a sub standard of 5.3m, 5.35m and 5.45m between the doors. For the glass that joins into different cars (Where the gangway lies, every 4 doors got one such), it has a different variety of 6.65m, 6.7m and 6.75m.

With that in mind, can I appeal to all developers to come into a standard length and reduce the length of gangway to 0.5m per side, a sharp reduce of 1m to match the realistic length.

With that, I hope to extend the seats from present 35cm, 9 seats format (Unrefurb) to 43cm, 9 seats format that matches the wikipedia. Hence, I would be able to leave for space in the day where C651 has refurb to become 48cm, 7 seats format as per C151 refurb.

As for the new gangway length, if you suggest it is not 0.5m, a.k.a 50cm per side, you may feel free to suggest one
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I don't even know what are you talking about...
Hi there! I am a railway technology enthusiast.

North South Line for openBVE [NB: MSP - YIS Siding]
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Uh well, we were discussing this this morning, what he meant was that the seats of the C151s refurbed are 48cm in length each, and C151s unrefurbed/C651s are 43cm each. But once you put the 7/9 seats into their respective correct sizes, they get oversized and touches the doors, which isn't what we want. The total length of the trains is correct already, but we need to extend the section (the length between 2 doors) so that we can fit the seats in.

However, if we extend the sections, we must decrease the length of the gangway, as the total length must be the same. So now we're proposing to reduce the length of the gangway, and increasing the length of the 3 sections each carriages.

By the way, I don't get the poll, lol.
- Flip
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Applicable to:
This applies only to the North South/East West Line trains.

The car lengths
The doors are equally spread out, distances are the same. Therefore, given that a "middle" car is 22.8m long, the doors should be 5.7m apart, inclusive of gangway lengths.
Joey Foo
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Wait wait wait, I'm planning to remake the C151 so every door is same distance apart. So err...
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Noted. I will wait then.

Oh yes, just a side note:

I would seriously suggest that all the middle car uses the same file, albeit with modification of the image etc. (Meaning code 1 middle car, use that as the template for all subsequents as I found that if one rojak the middle cars, the length will not be accurate anymore)

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