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Downtown Line (DTL) General Discussion
Dear All Train Enthusiast,

Lets All Vote, Who Do You Think Will Win the Downtown Line Tender?

SBS Transit? Or SMRT ? You Can Also Post Your Views and discussion About Downtown Line Here as well!

Some Rdm Downtown Line Contracts: (not in order)

C951, Downtown Line Electric Trains (Bombardier Transportation)
C981, Depot Equipment (Hitachi Plant Technologies)
C911, Gali Batu Depot (GS Engineering & Construction and Hock Lian Seng Infrastructure Joint Venture)
C960, Downtown Line Communication Systems (ST Electronics)
C955, Downtown Line Integrated Supervisory Control System (ST Electronics)
C952, Downtown Line Signalling System & Platform Screen Doors (WestingHouse Brake & Signal)
C910, Downtown Line Trackworks (Alstom)
C956, Downtown Line Maintenance Management Systems (ST Electronics)
C953, Downtown Line Power Supply System (Siemens)
C937B, Tai Seng Facility Building (Singapore Piling & Civil Engineering/BBR Holdings)

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I want vote for Prime Taxis. Why don't have that option?
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  • RiceyRice
(13 February 2011, 09:39 AM)SBS7322B Wrote:   Show/Hide

Did Prime Taxis Even Bid For the Tender -.-"
I think it's only right if SBSTransit gets this line, as the Circle Line, East West Line and North South Line are getting SMRT ahead of this competition... Smile
[Image: nickgoh45-0.png]

Chairperson of Harbourvale City Rapid Transit Grin

Train Reps: 85/86, 221/222
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  • beeppps
(13 February 2011, 09:41 AM)nickgoh45 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Well, Why Not Prime Taxis & FirstGroup PLC -.-"
(13 February 2011, 10:22 AM)C151 - 053/054 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Erm... I guess you're right too... :$
[Image: nickgoh45-0.png]

Chairperson of Harbourvale City Rapid Transit Grin

Train Reps: 85/86, 221/222
(13 February 2011, 10:23 AM)nickgoh45 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Actually First Group PLC sounds not bad As they operate rail services overseas as well.
SMRT - More on Train System. SMRT never train their drivers to drive slow. Just CHIONG AH !!!!!
SBSTransit - More on Bus Services System. SBS train their drivers to drive slow and just relax.
Hi there! I am a railway technology enthusiast.

North South Line for openBVE [NB: MSP - YCK]
(13 February 2011, 11:53 AM)Mark4211 Wrote:   Show/Hide

It doesn't seem right, you would realise that SMRT's bus system is almost as huge as SBSTransit's one... :O That's why I think SMRT is beginning to dominate the transport system.
[Image: nickgoh45-0.png]

Chairperson of Harbourvale City Rapid Transit Grin

Train Reps: 85/86, 221/222
(13 February 2011, 01:19 PM)nickgoh45 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Your Wrong on that though, Look at SMRT's Bus Fleet and compare it so SBST's Bus Fleet, You fill find a Big difference in numbers!
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