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[Operators] Buses Faults and Complains/Compliments
Please post your complains and report faults about SBST/SMRT's buses. These will be forwarded to the operators.

Please include:
- the date and time you took the bus;
- the registration number of the bus;
- the service number, and;
- the fault you wish to report.

If you are posting multiple complains, please sort them out by the operator.

Thank you.

Moderator Notice:
Please post in the above mentioned order for easier administration.
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13/08/2012 6:15pm
Service 89
The cover below the old farecard validator is unable to be closed. Even when close, when the bus brakes, it would open again.

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12AUG2012 2120hrs
(969) TIB728S: Very strong cig smell. I wonder if SL was smoking in the bus or what.

13AUG2012 0800hrs
(812) TIB1218R: MOBITEC EDS is faulty. Part of the text cannot be seen
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SMRT Buses
14/8/2012 - 1430hrs
TIB1190K - 912
Rear EDS is not working (has been faulty since early this year)

TIB1193C - 903
Rear EDS is not working (has been faulty since 2 years ago)
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August 14
Time : Like less than 1h ago?(3.50pm ba)
Bus door bell fault , door bell faulty , the first one behind the rear door , left side of the bus when seen from the rear
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(14 August 2012, 02:56 PM)TIB770T Wrote:   Show/Hide

TIB1190K rear EDS has been fixed, TIB1000B has a smell near the rear of the bus.

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(14 August 2012, 06:23 PM)ghg749 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Please provide neccessary information stated above. Thanks.
Alternative Transportation Department
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Time : 6:55pm iirc
Registration Plate number : SBS8860H
Service Number : 17 ( Nikon Advert )
Fault : Dunno if this is ok but , some lights on top seems faulty to me. Espcially the one near the EXIT door on the left. Need to do some checking. 2 of the other lights happens to be like this too.

Time : about 2.10 pm
Registration Plate number : SBS6127E
Service Number : 158A
Fault : The two Ez-Link exit card readers had errors when commuters tapped their cards to alight, but later somehow it worked again. Maybe they could look into it and check the card readers to prevent similar events from happening again
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- Post Date, 6:07am
- SBS8382X
- 410W
- Front Left, Low Beam not working.
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