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Door Closing Sound Problem
(27 July 2012, 07:34 PM)Mark4211 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Yes, It all is. Usually u have to put the flie name into some folder so that when u start openbve it will play isnt it? Which flie is that?
(28 July 2012, 03:50 PM)Seangwong Wrote:   Show/Hide

Really sorry but, I don't understand your English Undecided
EDIT: Could you post a screenshot of how the items in your own C151 folder look like?
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(28 July 2012, 03:50 PM)Seangwong Wrote:   Show/Hide

Firstly, some things need to be clarified before we can help you further.

1. Have you edited anything in the train folder? (Renaming, replacing, editing, anything at all?)

2. File and folders in this situation make a huge difference, please specify a little clearer.

3. Is there an extra copy of the original C151? (Downloaded straight off the internet and not edited in anyway?) If there is, try running the train and see if it works properly. A file could be corrupted.
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(28 July 2012, 10:29 PM)SBS6016S Wrote:   Show/Hide

1) I just replaced the dooropn.wav and doorcls.wav file to my own. Then, it doesn't play the sounds anymore.
2) In the extracted folder C151, u open it u
p and you will see the dooropn.wav and doorcls.wav file together with the rest of the sound files etc.
3) Yes I have downloaded it and it works perfectly fine. Its only when I replace the sound file that it does not play anymore.
Thats why I am trying to find out how to make it play again. Is it you have to put the doorcls.wav/dooropn.wav file name in something to make it play?
(01 August 2012, 05:53 PM)Seangwong Wrote:   Show/Hide

Just put it in the train folder ._.
- SMB142J -
Chief Developer, SMB142J Studio Productions
(01 August 2012, 05:53 PM)Seangwong Wrote:   Show/Hide

Did you rename the new sound files to "dooropn" for the doors opening sound and "doorcls" for the doors closing sound?
If you didn't the programme will not be able to play the sound as it is unable to trace the file.

Hope this helps you. (:
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If all the files are intact then I think it's not about the files problem.

I have this problem also, usually at certain angles of the train we can hear the sound loudly, sometimes we don't hear anything at all.

I think one thing you can do is that you change your angles of your view of the train such as moving up, down, left, right or rotating.

Once you found the appropriate angle of view then it should not be a problem anymore.

Yep, and hopefully I dun sound too much like a moderator Smile
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Arthur Jie
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(12 August 2012, 09:57 AM)Arthur Jie Wrote:   Show/Hide

IMO that isnt a problem. The main problem here is that he cant get the sound file playing.
- SMB142J -
Chief Developer, SMB142J Studio Productions
(12 August 2012, 09:57 AM)Arthur Jie Wrote:   Show/Hide

OpenBVE works like that... It isn't the problem here.
[Image: ik2f1vr.png]
[Image: fIiJ0hY.png]
Yea, the original C151 works. I have changed the Dooropn.wav and Doorcls.wav sound files to my own but I have renamed it to the same. The thing is that the sounds won't play now... I'll try to get a screenshot and post it soon...

(12 August 2012, 09:57 AM)Arthur Jie Wrote:   Show/Hide

Thats not the problem. Its only the door opening&closing sounds are not playing.

Fyi, i placed them in the same files as the original.

If lets say, i change the Ext1.5 .bmp files to Ext1.5 .png, i will have to change 1 of the csv files right? For this, do i have to change anything?

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