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[Others] Voices/Forum Replies On Train Articles
(06 December 2012, 12:46 AM)SBS8300H Wrote:   Show/Hide
You're wrong! The 4 language platform gap announcements were launched in 2005-2006 and "Please do not lean against the doors" in 2010. SgTrainLovur is correct.
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  • SBS8300H
Like Pasir Ris, which is malay. Instead of calling White Sands, which is english. For chinese is called 巴西立, instead of calling 白沙.
(06 December 2012, 04:54 PM)littlearea Wrote:   Show/Hide

巴西立 isn't so ambiguous as compared to 白沙. Take for example, Bugis Junction, which is known as 白沙浮广场.

If Pasir Ris was called 白沙 in Chinese, people may even think that Pasir Ris was in Bugis, or the other way round! Tongue
[Image: finalsignature2.jpg]
S$5 fee for sitting on reserved MRT seats?
From: Today
By: Ang Chuan Heng
Date: 28/12/12

Reserved seats on the train are located next to the doors so that passengers in need can get seated or exit quickly and safely.

These seats, therefore, are like better seats offered on aeroplanes. In the latter case, though, those in premium economy seats, for instance, pay more than for an economy seat.

We could apply the same principle on trains. While pregnant women, the ambulant disabled, those with small children and senior citizens would be free to use the reserved seats, others who deprive these passengers of a seat without valid reason should be charged, say, S$5 more by MRT inspectors doing spot checks.

[Read more]
(28 December 2012, 11:40 AM)littlearea Wrote:   Show/Hide
Like I said on Facebook:

This is the most retarded suggestion ever. Person who suggested is a true idiot. Mixing money with kindness and having a heart just doesnt go well with each other!

Pay! Pay! and Pay! Fares have since been increased last year and this person still wants to talk about further charging commuters?

Reserved seat is more of you sit then you see ppl who need it more then give up. That has been the trend for many years and its NOT meant to be left empty for the whole time. Later commuters are going to complain even more that there isnt enough seats in the MRT train since you cannot sit on the Reserved Seat now. Plus commuters are forced to be gracious and not touch the Reserved Seat because of money? How are we going to differentiate true kind people from the others since everyone is being gracious to avoid the $5 fine?

Very genius .__. I'm quite enraged that people suggest such pathetic things and nothing about really improving commuter experience(fans etc). You can simply look at how everyone rant about the MRT on the internet then maybe think of something worthwhile that could help with the problem. I just feel like giving a slap on his face for being this money-minded. -.-
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(28 December 2012, 11:43 AM)Ethan777 Wrote:   Show/Hide

The fine is not a good idea for not giving up the reserve seats. In Australia, they plan to do this before but does not works. Here is the article reguarding this:

In US, they started the camping campaign regarding giving up the seats on NY subway. Those who decline to do so will face up to a US$50 fine.
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(28 December 2012, 11:55 AM)littlearea Wrote:   Show/Hide
The Australian article was well said and mentioned additional points on how stupid this suggestion is.

Aside from more staff needed for this, the main thing is that this suggestion has lots of loopholes and that people can missue it! Considering how kiasu many Singaporeans are, I am not surprised if commuters start faking injuries to earn themselves a Reserved Seat for every MRT trip they take.
It's just a really pragmatic but impractical suggestion; this is not the first time - with similar suggestions like having laws to restrict who can sit on the reserved seats have been proposed before.

Honestly I do agree with Ethan; I don't see the need to make something meant for a kind act from the heart to now be associated with pragmatism. Furthermore, there are just instances of the loopholes, as aforementioned.

The point I want to make is that surveys have shown that while Singaporeans do not necessarily give up their seats automatically, most are willing to if someone approaches them. After all these years of encouraging kindness in commuters who do not really need the reserved seats, those who do need the seats should not take this privilege for granted and learn to take the initiative instead as well.

Most importantly, kindness should never be restricted to the reserved seats; doesn't mean we are not seating on a reserved seat means we cannot carry out these acts of kindness.
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Different countries got different cultural. In Taiwan, when the normal person sitting on the reserve seats, people were stare at you that are very weird person.
(28 December 2012, 03:34 PM)nganmatthias Wrote:   Show/Hide
"Most importantly, kindness should never be restricted to the reserved seats; doesn't mean we are not seating on a reserved seat means we cannot carry out these acts of kindness."

You say any seat applies. Should the regulator choose to remove the Reserved Seat stickers, it is a true test for the commuters to see whether they are still gracious without the presence of such stickers.

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