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[Suggestion] In-Forum Award (Conduct and Behaviour)
This is meant to encourage everyone to maintain good online attitude in SGTrains and overall conduct through an Award scheme. Rather than just online shooting or reprimanding to settle troublemakers, we could channel the energy to an In-Forum Award which everyone could work towards to. I'm unsure if other in-forum awards are possible but one on behaviour would be the most effective since we have had times where troublemakers lurked in the forums.

The award scheme is proposed as such:

1) It will be held every quarter of the year(tri-monthly). Hence there are 4 lucky people who will win annually.

2) It will only meant for users who hold no position(s) in SGTrain Forums.

3) All forum team members would observe the various users online whether if its in transport discussions or other stuff. They will take into account any forum rules broken by a user, overall behaviour in threads and post content(whether if its sensitive information, useless information or actual productivity). These would be used by each forum team individual to decide and vote which user whom deserves the "Best Conduct and Behaviour Award".

So if you're active here, u could stand a chance, but if you're not, then maybe no.

4) When a quarter into the year has been reached, a thread will be opened up a week in advance for normal users to apply. As the winners are observed over those few months, no resume is needed unlike Moderator application. Hence, interested contestants just need to post if he/she wants to take part in this Award Scheme. Once past closing date to register, the whole forum team will poll which user deserves this award judging from their conduct over the months. Of course, the user with most votes wins.

5) The winner will bear a badge "Best Conduct and Behaviour Award for Q_ (Year)" and get some perks in the forum. These perks and badge will stay until the next quarter when the award opens up again to another winner.

Some perks I propose would be:

a) Ability to edit username and usertitles
b) Award winner username to be featured on main page
c) Unlimited poll options
d) Ability to edit own polls
e) Increased PM storage in winner's account

That's everything I can think of, I don't know if these perks are possible so they can be changed if they aren't possible to be set. But the idea of having an In-Forum Award for Conduct and Behaviour would help mellow future troublemakers and encourage more productivity through a more competitive manner.

Do consider my suggestion. Smile
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Hmm...Good Idea Smile
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Sounds like a campaign for members to obey rules...

Many members are despo at
Quote:a) Ability to edit username and usertitles
b) Award winner username to be featured on main page
c) Unlimited poll options
d) Ability to edit own polls
e) Increased PM storage in winner's account
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(27 June 2012, 06:38 PM)Mark4211 Wrote:   Show/Hide

That's why I took those into account although I am one who isn't so obsessed with the username and titles though nor the main page thing but since its an award, why not feature the winner there too?
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I'd have objected to this tbh even if I was a normal member.

Why do we need an in-forum award anyway? Good behavior is a trait, a positive trait, that comes about from your process of growing up. I don't see why is it necessary to award users for good behavior.


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Its like saying members only behaves themselves because of rewards...
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Makes no point in doing this. It is a RULE in the forum to have proper conduct and etiquette. It is not a choice.
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You ARE expected to follow rules not only follow rules because there an award for it .__.
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(27 June 2012, 05:36 PM)Ethan777 Wrote:   Show/Hide

I shall not repeat what Wei Cheng and Nicholas has mentioned above. I agree fully with what they, and Alex, have raised. Instead, I shall go off-topic and respond to some of the perks you proposed.

c) Unlimited poll options
Polls have limited options for a reason. For example, you want to know which day of the month forum users are free. You do not simply create a poll, options from January 1 to January 31. When you realise that your poll options are insufficient, maybe it would be time to consider accepting open-ended answers as normal post replies.

d) Ability to edit own polls
I would have thought you should be able to edit polls you created. I'll raise this with Willis soon.

As for editing your votes, no, it is intended that you cannot edit what you chose. Even administrators cannot edit votes directly.

e) Increased PM storage in winner's account do we decrease your PM storage thereafter? What do we do with the excess messages after the 3 months is over? Force-delete your messages, or read through your inbox and decide? Tongue
(Tip: Just delete the buddy request messages, if anyone needs space)
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Hi, request to lock thread then. Thanks Undecided
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