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Future MRT map
(13 June 2011, 08:11 PM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

Wah. You planned until CR46 ah? LOL. I think this route is the final built ever Singapore's MRT. But firstly, I thought you made Outer Ring System.. Tongue
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Let me clarify:

Firstly, Coastal Region Line is just a reply from me. I did NOT endrose, nor plan this thing out. Personally, I like to see that separated as different lines.

Secondly, usually long post takes like 2 hours to post, including some editing.
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If it is like this more better...
[Image: Untitled.png]
I don't think so lor lol
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Possible new MRT line:
One that runs parallel to the North East Line, to relieve the loading on the North East Line, and also runs parallel to the western section of the East West Line, to relieve the loading on the western section of the East West Line.

This could be in the form of an extension of the Jurong Region Line east branch (Tengah to Pandan Reservoir), from Pandan Reservoir to West Coast (The JRL West Coast Extension, announced in 2015), and further on to the city area, and then run parallel with the North East Line towards Jalan Kayu and Seletar area.

And thereby let the JRL east branch run as a separate MRT line with another depot in the east to complement the JRL train depot at Tengah in the long run.

Because currently there is no MRT line besides the East West Line that provides a direct connection between Jurong West and Clementi with the city, and the presently-known Jurong Region Line and the proposed Cross Island Line won't provide a direct connection to the city.

Furthermore, the North East Line is reaching capacity. 

Hence, it is possible that the JRL east branch could be extended to the city and possibly to Seletar and become a MRT line on its own in future.

Whereas for the Jurong Region Line West branch (Choa Chu Kang-Bahar Junction and Peng Kang Hill-Jurong Pier), it is possible that this segment would also have provisions for future extensions to become 2 separate MRT lines in future. 

But, a major condition is that the stabling facility must have the facilities, or at least the provision, to function as a train depot if the Peng Kang Hill-Jurong Pier section becomes a MRT line on its own.

Another condition is that the tracks along Jurong West Avenue 4 should have overrun tracks over the Jurong West Street 64 station and further on to Jurong West Avenue 4, for a possible extension of the Choa Chu Kang-Bahar Junction section to become a MRT line on its own in future.

(Also, there should be overrun tracks beyond Choa Chu Kang stations, for extension to other areas in the north, such as Lim Chu Kang, Woodlands, etcetera.)(but looking at the satellite image of the area, the condominium area may not have enough space. Any overrun track could only run along Choa Chu Kang Loop, if there is space to manoeuvre the tracks from JRL Choa Chu Kang station to Choa Chu Kang Loop. Otherwise, it is not possible to extend the JRL beyond JRL Choa Chu Kang station.)

Nonetheless, the above-mentioned possibilities of the Jurong Region Line western segment would really have to depend on the track layout, which is not revealed on the public domain yet. And the earliest this could happen is when the next URA master plan (or whatever they call it, considering the concept plan 2014 was called land use plan instead of concept plan) is revealed to the public.

And also, the actual demand on the ground.

Anyway, this is my view on what could be the next MRT lines to be announced in the next Land Transport Master Plan.

(I know after writing this there is still no other MRT line that complements the East West Line to provide a direct connection between Jurong West and the city, but once the extensions, if really proposed, becomes a reality, the lower ridership on the East West Line as a result of the additional MRT lines should be able to allow commuters in Jurong West to have a more comfortable ride when travelling on the East West Line between Jurong West and the city.)

Therefore, it can be concluded that "Jurong Region Line" is probably a temporary name.

The JRL East branch could well become the "Tengah Seletar Line", or something like that, similar to the Thomson East Coast Line.

Whereas the JRL West branches could be called other names, depending on where they may extend to in future.

Personally, I feel that the JRL Choa Chu Kang-Bahar Junction branch has the potential to extend from Bahar Junction to Pioneer Road, whereas the JRL Peng Kang Hill-Jurong Pier branch has the potential to extend from Peng Kang Hill to EWL Gul Circle station and absorb the proposed EWL Tuas South Extension.

As always, this would depend on whether the JRL is able to handle the projected ridership of the EWL Tuas South Extension, and whether there is demand for a train line from EWL Pioneer station to Pioneer Road area.

In my opinion, the current alignment of the Jurong Region Line and the proposed extension to CCL Haw Par Villa station, along with the Circle Line stage 6 extension, should be enough to meet the demands in the western part of Singapore, at least in the foreseeable future.

After all, train services need the ridership to be financially viable. If the supply exceeds demand, then it would be operating at a loss, and this is not good for the economy.

Whatever is announced thus far should be able to account for the ridership in the foreseeable future, and at the same time, allow the train services to remain financially viable.

Thank you for taking time to read this message. Smile
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