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Future MRT map
(13 June 2011, 08:11 PM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

Wah. You planned until CR46 ah? LOL. I think this route is the final built ever Singapore's MRT. But firstly, I thought you made Outer Ring System.. Tongue
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Let me clarify:

Firstly, Coastal Region Line is just a reply from me. I did NOT endrose, nor plan this thing out. Personally, I like to see that separated as different lines.

Secondly, usually long post takes like 2 hours to post, including some editing.
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If it is like this more better...
[Image: Untitled.png]
I don't think so lor lol
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With regards to a RTS line running over the Western Catchment Area, I foresee the line running between Pioneer MRT Station on the East West Line, and Kranji MRT Station on the North South Line. The intermediate roads are Pioneer Road North, Nanyang Crescent, Jalan Bahar, Lim Chu Kang Road, Neo Tiew Road, Kranji Way, Kranji Road. Looking at the existing bus services plying the area - 975, 172 and another one which I cannot remember at the moment - they all have a sustainable amount of catchment, and require high capacity buses during certain periods of the week. Running a RTS line at LRT capacity (ie. equivalent to about 2 double-decker buses) may be financially sustainable.

The downside is that because the western catchment area has animal farms, the RTS line has to be underground, so as not to disturb the animals, or disrupt the atmosphere. This can be overcome with fewer stations, to lower the costs, and having unmanned stations similar to a typical LRT station, and of course, running it at the lower end of bus service frequency, of about 10-15 minutes per train.

Definitely one bus service has to be maintained, while almost all of the three bus services can be replaced with this RTS line to optimise use of resources. The purpose is to serve the Old Choa Chu Kang Road area, which would not be covered by the RTS line. Other than that, all the bus services can be replaced with this RTS line, which may save on the labour cost, etcetera.

Beyond Pioneer MRT Station, where the RTS line may possibly call, is the industrial area. That one would have a consistent amount of high loading, for the line to run along south of Pioneer Road North and Pioneer Road, and finally terminate at one of the upcoming Cross Island Line stations.

This is my vision of a possible RTS line at the western catchment area. Although it is a rural part of Singapore, the bus services plying the area have been carrying a considerable amount of passengers, which I feel could be enough to justify a LRT line to run along that area.

Furthermore, given the rustic nature of the western catchment area, it is likely to remain like this forever. So, having a LRT line is enough, and there's no possibility for the area to sustain a MRT line anyway.

The Western Catchment LRT Line may be in the cards, as part of the "45 minutes" strategy in the latest land transport master plan. If become a reality, it would benefit all the NSF who are based at the western catchment area, as well as the people who are working in the agricultural industry further north of the western catchment area, and reduce traveling time to and fro the places in the western catchment area to possibly within 45 minutes, if not, definitely less than the current traveling time from all parts of Singapore, except maybe Choa Chu Kang, which already has 975 connecting to western catchment area.
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