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Future MRT map
(06 March 2011, 09:37 PM)nickgoh45 Wrote:   Show/Hide

1: Then Changi Airport Extension also could not materialize because CHD is also at ground level!

2: But there is a wall blocking on the dead end of Dhoby Ghaut CCL. Similar to Punggol, I believe, they can get some TBMs from somewhere else and dig towards to Dhoby Ghaut when Holland Line is near complete (Of excavation of tunnels, just like present as of posting's CCL 4 and 5). Also, don't forget that there is another side of the platform in Promenade that might (Since no concrete proof as of posting) be meant for CCL extension in 2012 (Assuming they does not create Marina Bay - Stadium shuttle train since Stadium has sidings and the only non-terminus station in CCL Stage 1 to have crossover excluding the link from CCLe to CCL.)

If that theory to be hold true, what happen in future when such "Holland Line" completes (And CCL Harbourfront - Marina Bay hole is not closed) is that CCL will only be Harbourfront - Bishan - Promenade - Marina Bay using "present" (if that theory is true) CCLe platform and the present CCL platform for Dhoby Ghaut bound will be used for Holland Line. The advantage of this is to make CCL a "true" Circle.

Disclaimer: I found that Promenade does not have a crossover between 2 bounds of CCL and hence doubts the feasibility of the station to become a terminus of "Holland Line" because either they Promenade Modification Project it to add a crossover near Esplanade (which is not possible because it will limit the capacity as trains will have to wait in Esplanade instead of somewhere approaching Promenade) OR add a crossover near Promenade as "standard" terminus, but again impossible due to the stacked design nature.

Despite so, it is still possible by --- just use the new platforms for CCLe (Theorized as of posting) in Promenade as terminus of Holland Line! (But the curve turning involved is subjected to debate), or else, we will see a TCL / AEL style between Stadium to Promenade.

(06 March 2011, 09:58 PM)d143b2 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Where's the hidden platforms???
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(07 March 2011, 01:41 PM)tiukengleng1994 Wrote:   Show/Hide

(06 March 2011, 09:58 PM)d143b2 Wrote:   Show/Hide

''Tampines Line''
(07 March 2011, 01:52 PM)sni996 Wrote:   Show/Hide

its hard to say ...
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(06 March 2011, 10:40 PM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

Wah so complicated o.o I was just stating that currently CC1 DBG to CC4 PMD belong under the Circle Line...
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(06 March 2011, 10:40 PM)Samuel Lee Wrote:   Show/Hide

true circle?

as far as i know

The Underground's Circle Line is not a true circle as well, it has its terminus

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(07 March 2011, 03:23 PM)nickgoh45 Wrote:   Show/Hide
Just because Bukit Batok ..... Choa Chu Kang is currently part of the Branch Line, it does not mean it will be always brown coloured Branch Line. -- Excrepted in pre-Woodlands Extension era.

I was trying to analyze how an extension from Dhoby Ghaut is possible, but the main problem of a Holland Line using existing CC1 to CC4 tracks is due to the lack of crossover in CC4 for both bounds just like a normal terminus which translates to 3 possibilities:

A) That concept is factually wrong (Apparently the author does not have the idea of the crossover at the time of posting since the line was still under construction)

B) That Holland Line will terminate at the new platform right beside the present CCL platform, which MIGHT be used for CCLe in 2012. However, the curve involved is a major question of such feasibility.

C) That Holland Line will use the present CCL platform, and by then, the CCL train uses the presumed CCLe platform instead, regardless if the sector of Marina Bay - Harbourfront is closed or not. However, due to a lack of crossover for the entire sector from present CC4 to present CC1, it is not feasible for a line to terminate at present CC4 and present CC4's version of JEMP is not feasible because of stacked configuration rather than the underground nature (I believe they will cut-cover it, TBM is definitely out of question) which means the slope gradient of the crossover tracks in present CC4 is simply too high that exceeds MRTC's definition OR the crossover tracks is too near to present CC3 that means another Jurong East like situation as the train are forced to terminate in present CC3 before proceeding to present CC4.

Hence, for Holland Line to use present CCL platform without going through major modifications on to any station, the best solution is to repeat CCL from Promenade to Stadium OR even, avoiding Promenade by turning towards Bayfront. (But this idea is only just thought of it, without consideration of the crossover layout since at time of posting, I have no idea of the final crossover diagram would be like)

Information is correct as of posting. My posting does not indicate any future plans except personal speculation which only will become 100% true if I got my bid as one of the 2030 and after transport planner.
Hi there, how about this?


Coastal Region Line!

(17 March 2011, 06:29 PM)d143b2 Wrote:   Show/Hide
Now you see it! You will have to log in into imageshack though...can the admin please register at the dormain mentioned in the URL? Thank you very much!

[Image: coastalregionline.jpg]
By gs97 at 2011-01-23


Yours sincerely,
(17 March 2011, 12:33 AM)gs97 Wrote:   Show/Hide

i dont see anything there ...


train reps: C651 - 233/234, C830 - 34, C751A - 047/048

Bus reps: SMB145B, SMB1406S, SMB3536L

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(07 March 2011, 03:51 PM)d143b2 Wrote:   Show/Hide
London Underground's Circle Line was a complete loop until recently, when it was extended, and had new terminus. Having a complete loop for a line is problematic: once there is a slight delay anywhere, without any recovery time allowed at the terminus, the delays will continue until the end of the service.
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