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Door Closing Chime Trial on 059/060
18th June 2012: The trial has ended! Please do remember to send your feedback to SMRT!

Some of you might have heard the new chime on the North-South/East-West Lines train set 059/060. SMRT is currently conducting a trial a new door chime on that particular train.

This chime is different from the original one as:
- It has 2 two-toned buzzers after 'doors are closing'.
- The 'titi' buzzer will be held for a maximum of 20 seconds until the door starts to close.

As this is a trial by SMRT, only one train is updated to have this new announcement.
Please share what you think or give feedback on the new chime in this thread!

To start off: I would say it's a good thing to have the titititi completely repeating till the door closes, which would definitely prevent people from boarding at the last minute.
- Flip
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Really like the annoucement very much.
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  • gs97
y must it be a trial???i do not understand y it cant be placed into all trains asap...Big Grin
er...wat would happen if the train has a delay in departure...would the chime go on forever until the door closes?Big Grin
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So... It must be like the NEL's one?
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(12 May 2012, 04:05 PM)SgTrainLovur Wrote:   Show/Hide
I think it may be more like the circle line's one!Smile
Yours sincerely,
i do like the chime, it is good so that people won't board at the last minute
- SBS8749Y

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  • SBS6057Z
I would prefer the chime to be placed infront before they said the door closing
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(12 May 2012, 09:25 PM)SBS5183Z Wrote:   Show/Hide

i agree. The new chime + the old chime sounds werid tgt..
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  • boylush
Couldnt catch it today.

But this was worse :

video by jtzq333

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