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[News Article] Public can now use former KTM railway stations for ad-hoc events
Quote:Public can now use former KTM railway stations for ad-hoc events
Posted: 04 April 2012 1146 hrs

SINGAPORE: The public can now make use of the two former Malayan Railways RTM stations at Bukit Timah and Tanjong Pagar for ad-hoc activities and events.

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) said it hopes such events and activities will inject vibrancy and life to the two buildings and the surrounding area.

SLA said over the past few months, it has received several requests from the public to use both railway stations for community events, sports activities and exhibitions.

The first event to be staged at the former Tanjong Pagar station is a fashion show on April 25. The event is organised by Female and Nuyou magazines.

Other events being planned include exhibitions and art performances.

Both stations were on land formerly occupied by Malayan Railways KTM.

Since the land was returned to the Singapore Government in July 2011, SLA has carried out improvement works at the sites.

The Tanjong Pagar railway station has been gazetted as a national monument, while the Bukit Timah railway station has been conserved.

SLA is carrying out improvement works at three sites along the 26-kilometre Rail Corridor and adjacent vacant state land which have been identified for interim community use in January.

The sites, which are located near Jalan Hang Jebat, Ghim Moh Road and Kampong Bahru Flyover, will be progressively opened to the public from April.

- CNA/wm
Quote:CNA :
ST :
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(04 April 2012, 01:09 PM)sni996 Wrote:   Show/Hide

I'm still not consoled at all. You won't even enjoy yourself at these privately organised events. You know that the place used to have trains parking there and that conductor blowing the departure whistle. You won't even enjoy yourself at these events/parties at these stations since the tracks that have been retained remind you of those sick plans to close KTM last year!

It just breaks my heart that even our history has to be destroyed and turned into commercialisation use. Don't you even feel how sick that plan was?

So what a fashion show? I'm not a girl? Even if I was, I still won't enjoy myself there as I knew that Tanjong Pagar station used to be a bustling, old railway station which brought so many classic memories to my childhood. THe feeling of the station being preserved is so different than when it was truly in operation! WHY THIS SICK PLAN??!!! WHY?? I DON'T SEE WHY KTM MUST CLOSE??!! Angry
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Calm down ... I think its to bring "more awareness" and have special purpose of the national monument.
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i believe ethan wants a real train on the rail corridor ...


train reps: C651 - 233/234, C830 - 34, C751A - 047/048

Bus reps: SMB145B, SMB1406S, SMB3536L

Vee-Power on 145

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(04 April 2012, 02:12 PM)d143b2 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Yes. That is correct. What's the point of having a train station with no trains? The atmosphere just isn't there! Stations are supposed to be noisy with trains, whistles and hawkers etc. not a concrete structure sitting at a spot with tracks removed and no trains coming in.

Please, stop being so cheap and try to make people imagine a train on closed KTM via all this crap...Dodgy The real, solid train itself is the real deal!
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(04 April 2012, 04:27 PM)Ethan777 Wrote:   Show/Hide

But to establish a new railway company in Singapore wouldn't never part of government's plans. They rather have advanced EMU like C951 than rather the old classic locomotives which is sad to think like that way ... It's the government's actions ... I can't say more ...
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Whats the point of crying over spilled milk. Sure I understand your feelings but nothing you do can bring back the trains so why not move on?
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