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Ex-SMRT CEO Reflects On SMRT Experience!
Hello fellow train enthusiast(not sure it we can call the MRT a train, but let's not be anal here, beggars can't choose)!

Anyone else actually read the news and see that our dear ex-ceo of SMRT is going to talk about her experience with SMRT on her personal website? I really hope it's not going to be another self ego boosting propaganda on how hard her job is, or explain that we already have a world class transport system(not that I disagree, but let's just not keep beating a dead horse) or I will be sorely disappointed. Sad All these information would have already been available in papers such as The Straits Times and the likes.

I will be particularly interested and thrilled to bits if she explains the constant breakdowns, why she choose to import certain trains and not others, and other intrincit details that are not readily available to the general public. I think it will provide such an insight to the inner works of SMRT, don't you?

So what do you think? What questions are you gonna ask her on her blog? Are you lot gonna follow her blog everyday and ask her about our beloved trains? I think she will be very pleased to know that despite recent MRT woes, she still has such a hardcore set of fans to support her!

Link to abovementioned news:
Link to her blog:
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