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Doors opened on moving Victoria Line Tube near Brixton
(25 December 2015, 09:38 PM)Crafthuntergaming Wrote:   Show/Hide

The APMs are controlled by onboard computers, which includes the doors etc etc, normally when the train is moving the doors will be locked (duh).

However most trains have a door openable distance (not sure for plug doors) where you can force open the doors while the train is in motion (lol please do not try this unless you want questioning and investigation by the authorities). But even if you do it's a very small opening roughly 10cm or so. Any larger than that would be impossible. This is to allow passengers to free any objects stuck in between the doors (bag handles etc)

This is partially why you see CCL spamming 'Please do not lean against the train doors' at every station, like wise for NEL at selected stations. The trains are designed such that if a substantial force is applied to the doors (lexample you leaning against it), the doors will be able to open slightly.
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The doors can be forced open a few centimetres, for example when your bag strap gets caught in the door. It's a safety feature.
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(25 December 2015, 11:03 PM)SMB142J Wrote:   Show/Hide

The BPLRT door nobody leaning against

Then how come 2011 disruption on NSL someone broke the glass ,can't they force open door 4 ventilation?
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(26 December 2015, 08:59 AM)Crafthuntergaming Wrote:   Show/Hide

Quote:Then how come 2011 disruption on NSL someone broke the glass ,can't they force open door 4 ventilation?

No they can't. They are 2 completely different trains and different door systems used.

Here's a video illustrating what happens when you try to force open the doors on trains same as the one which glass got broken. (10 seconds into the video, the TC tries to force it open after tinkering with the system)

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Is it the ones in NSEWL they use pneumatic doors caused it harder to open?  Compare to the electric doors, where they can force open the door a bit?

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