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SMRT cheats their train drivers of their public holidays
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Please check out this post :

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Train drivers work in the service industry. They cater to consumers. They need to be present 7 days a week. The trains still run on public holidays. The thing is that if these drivers were to be given their leave on off-days, the public is going to complain more. ._.

I quote the article:
Quote:We are not as daft as they want us to be. There is a need to shift the whole paradigm if we want a better life for ourselves and our children.
Ok fine. We can shift our perspective. What do you want us to do? You fail to even provide an alternative solution to this 'abuse of workers' and such, and you tell us that workers are being abused? What do you want us to do? Complete nonsense. This article is just nothing but a complete mindless rant.


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(09 February 2012, 06:40 PM)EpicTrainLovur Wrote:   Show/Hide
I have to agree (if I am a very innocent person)...however...
where are your evidence?
And how strong is your argument?
Very little.
And besides, it is possible that SMRT has compensated them, just that we dont know about it.
In conclusion, this post is biased.
Big Grin
Yours sincerely,
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It's been in my thoughts quite some time. I would rather the government authorities - LTA & MOT - to take over SBST and SMRT something like MTA (NY). Merge them and controlled by LTA & MOT. Because SBST and SMRT is half private & half government, there is some issues like not giving them the proper holidays and stuffs like that. Since public and school holidays are managed by the government, its seems SMRT is less strict towards their employees on the regulations given; ignoring due to fact that maybe not enough employees and not care of much. Because the type of work that they're in - Train Officers/TO. SMRT should be full responsible for any unsatisfied employees no matter who the employees is, even the cleaners and not ignoring them. If not, should be fined .....

Anyone wants to add on or correct me, please do so.
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Hi, if you click the link provided, you will see the original document written by the NTUW. So it is quite factual.

I think he is complaining abt not getting his PH where every worker is entitled under the law.

This is the latest topic amongst train drivers. He is ranting in a way cuz he got no other avenues. This is Sg not the west.

Anyway, I can't comment much cuz it is not appropriate in the eyes of the company.

Read this prominent blogger's comments on the blog post under discussion here. He knows what he is talking about.
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