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Should SMRT/LTA/SBST invest in a drama or new media to educate the public?
I really think this is a wonderful idea as these days, people complain of crowded trains and disruptions. They took good things for granted, without actually thinking of how hard the people working behind the scenes of keeping the system workable, reliable and efficient every night when we sleep. These workers are putting in every bit of effort and dripping every drip of sweat throughout the night just to maintain the system well, yet in the end, ppl still take things for granted and complain. If this idea gets the go ahead, I say that all events related to the MRT system be included, such as from the awarding of contracts, opening of new lines/stations, training of staff in preparation of the service, the two train vandalism cases, and how they were resolved, train disruptions and how they were resolved, to the behind the scenes job of technicians, engineers, TOs, CSOs, and even minor roles like service ambassadors and us - train-spotters and ordinary commuters.

at least a few would have to play as train spotters, helping SMRT/SBST looking out for faults....
MRT Train reps: 567/568, 669/670 7083/7084, 7085/7086 857, 863

Alstom is Love Alstom is Life  Big Grin
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Yes!Big Grin And perhaps we can also include the ex-SMRT CEO and all the eventful things that happened to spice things up!!!Big Grin
Perhaps we can film it???Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
Yours sincerely,
I think its no use educating Singaporeans. Its all up to us whether to accept or not.
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