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Should SMRT/LTA/SBST invest in a drama or new media to educate the public?
It sounds like an eureka moment but i thought this idea would work.

Our land transport system has been in the spotlight in recent weeks following the major train service disruptions that occurred a few weeks back. There has been much scrutiny behind the operations of our land transport system and also how crisis such as these were handled.

Now, of course the news media outlets and the random citizen journalist would make some noise about anything interesting and odd such as the MRT breakdowns but i think they are abit too factual.

The best efforts taken by PTOs such as SMRT is to create TV shows to help educate the public on safety onboard public transport. Such examples include SMRT Challenge (2011) and Adventures with SMRT (2010). Not forgetting SBS Transit's try with She Drives Me Crazy (2003).

What i think might work is to introduce something abit refreshing. Why not have a drama series focused around the lives of public transport workers such as the mechanic, the train operator, the station master and what have you. It kind of gives a much better and personal take in educating fellow Singaporeans about our public transport network.

Let's craft one pilot episode shall we? Let's take the recent SMRT breakdowns as an example. We'll firstly introduce the main characters of the drama. We can have some talented actors to star as Train operators, bus operators, mechanics, technician, corp comm staff and what have you. It's like illustrating an unified operation of the company.

Then, we add a plot. Of course since this idea is still in the drafting stages, there isn't a solid plot that i can think off. However, a good place to start is to see how a public transport worker is recruited and then how are they trained. This will illustrate to the public the various procedures that are in place to ensure that quality workers are chosen and employed into the company.

Of course there are a few problems such as the fact that it might look 'staged' but at least it will reinforce a message to the public that the company does have procedures in place to ensure smooth operations of the transport system. Adding in some entertainment value, if the script writer is an artist in making this educational-driven drama more delightful to audiences.

Think of "Point of Entry" as a prime example of how my idea might work. Point of Entry is also educational-driven with messages to inform the public on security measures taken to prevent crime and also Crime Watch, which is also favourably received by TV audiences.

Speaking of TV, it might not be the most ideal channel to invest in to get everyone's attention but drama nowadays have taken an interactive approach. Take the SGEM movement for example. They launched a drama series titled "Six Lives" centred on educating the public on the importance of proper English and it's utilisation in society. This series is not aired on TV but instead on the Internet. It's such an excellent and interactive idea when you think about engaging younger audiences who are more IT-savvy but let's not forget our elderly folk who are still getting used to the fast paced internet age of today. TV may still apply to cater to their lifestyles

Speaking about internet, it is an entertainment haven with sites like, Facebook and Youtube. Games and interactive content is one lucrative platform that this idea can use. Think about games and apps educating children about how our public transport system work to maybe an interactive facebook page where people can give feedback and a dedicated member from SMRT would be on the nose, replying to all queries. When i meant dedicated, i meant a person solely dedicated to monitor live feedback written in from the public on facebook and also twitter. Treat it like a friend from cyberspace, in other words.

Although I might side tracked abit to new media but i would like to stress that new media is one key avenue that PTOs and LTA can tap to educate the public on the transportation systems in terms of operations and safety.

In all, a drama, using a combination of new media (internet) and traditional media (TV), will be a creative and interactive way of educating the public. I'm not talking about a one-shot deal. We might be talking big as the originality of the idea can go a long way to maintain healthy relations between the PTOs, the LTA and the public at large.
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Maybe they should. Smile
I read a chinese newspaper,Mark lee said might consider to flim a movie about this train disruption.
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Look at HK drama, Triumph in the Skies. Is to salute those working in airlines industry. I was thinking about whether mediacorp produce the drama about life of MRT staff to salute those working in this industry to conjunctions with 25th years of MRT services in Singapore. The problem is that might affect trains service during filming.
I think they should make a movie called "The 25 years of SMRT"

Coming soon to Golden Village Cinemas in October 2012... 3D in Selected Cinemas...
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ya. espically peak hours @littlearea
(24 December 2011, 11:53 AM)haojie60 Wrote:   Show/Hide

They need time to plan the schelude before filming and they will temporary stop filming during peak hours, it continue to film after peak hour.

Actually I have this idea 2 years ago. To avoid affect of trains service, Mediacorp can build the set of mock up train and OCC in studio.
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oh..... Smile

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Er.. actors are we ah? Tongue
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no i dont think so that we are.

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