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AMK-Pasir Ris Morning Service Withdrawn WEF 27DEC
what is CLS?
(25 December 2011, 10:37 PM)tranzort08 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Cross Line Service

AMK to PSR via JUR

train reps: C651 - 233/234, C830 - 34, C751A - 047/048

Bus reps: SMB145B, SMB1406S, SMB3536L

Vee-Power on 145

(25 December 2011, 02:06 PM)deskoh91 Wrote:   Show/Hide

Yes I do agree with your point on the Cross-Line Service (CLS) jamming up Pasir Ris-bound train services. Making a PSR-bound train stop before the JUR to wait for the CLS train to enter platform B is testimonial to this. However if the CLS train were to be routed through platform A? A different story.

Since present NSL operations is not compromised, trains that terminate at JUR stop at platform D. PSR-bound trains will stop at platform B. We know that CLS trains are usually loaded. Not many CLS train users go over to Joo Koon as well. To prevent further overcrowding of CLS trains, routing them to platform A will solve the problem.

The negative thing is that one PSR-bound train will have to depart ahead of it. In the event that both train is to depart at the same time, platform B train (PSR-bound) will be given priority, as to reduce the loading of CLS train until further down the service.

In this case, platform A will have a mix of terminating trains and CLS trains, platform B only for PSR-bound, platform D for turning NSL trains around, and platform F for Joo Koon bound trains.. This can work out, if there are surplus trains in the system, which we do not seem to have right now. Plus, the CLS service is brought about because of insufficient trains; now that passenger stocks have reached a stable level this service being scrapped is reasonable.
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But platforms will be confusing...
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