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Riverdale City Routes & Trains
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Okay, I know my routes aren't developed yet.

OpenBVE Lines

The beginning of the whole new rapid transit system in late 2010

In 2010,The goverment of Riverdale city was covinced they needed a new rapid transit system because of the air pollution and traffic jam in the morning and during peak hours.So,the Riverdale Line was developed.This line goes from Riverdale Airport to Blitzy Dayz. This route goes from North to South.The lines tender was given to RDRT.
Circle Line
This line is basically a circle.This line helps the people of Riverdale to go around the Centre and the West side of the map. The line helps alot of the residents in Riverdale.
This line's annoucement are similar in Singapore.The lines tender was given to RDRT.
East West Line
This line goes from the West to East.It has 2 lines.1 to Riverdale Airport and 1 to Bugis.The line was seperated into two as there was a space for the line to go to Riverdale Airport.
Resort Island Line
Not to be confused with the other Resorts Island fictional line.
This line was made because the bridge for vehicles was causing a massive jam.So this line was made.The lines tender was given to RDRT.
South East Line
This line goes from the south to east of Riverdale City.The lines tender was given to RMRT.
LRT Lines
Riverdale Airport Skytrain

Due to the presence of terminals 1,2,3,4 and budget terminal and the gate transfer(e.g. Gates A15,Gates B15 etc.), the Riverdale Airport Skytrain was made.Each terminal has only 15 gates.The lines tender was given to RDAS.
Blitzy Dayz LRT line
This LRT line goes around the estate of Blitzy Dayz.Due to big gap,it connects with Bishan estate.The lines tender was given to RDLR.
Overseas Lines
KTM Railway Line
This line is a long line which goes from Riverdale City to Woodbridge City to Harbourvale City and to Singapore Changi Airport.The lines tender was given to KTM.
This train goes on the airport line as it goes fast.However,there will be many overruns if the train goes too fast.66 trainsets were purchased.
This train will serve on the South East Line when it is operational. RMRT won the tender as it offered the lowest bid of $950 million. 75 trainsets were purchased
Alstom Metropolis C830
Due to not many trains.This train will be used on the Circle Line.Similarly with Singapore.40 trainsets were purchased.
This train was used for the Resort Island Line it was expected to have nice motor sounds.12 trainsets were purchased.
LRT trains
Bombardier CX-100
This LRT was the only LRT used for all LRT lines except the Airport Skytrain.900 LRT's was purchased.
RDRT = AlertedZameer's Company
RDAS = ?
RDLR = ?
RMRT = ?
* => Depicts Fictional Company
EW2|DT33 Tampines (Soon-To-Be) Interchange

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this - you haven't.”
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(19 February 2011, 05:27 PM)SBS8217R Wrote:   Show/Hide

Err sorry, Harbourvale City is isolated from any continent in the world. It's about 500-700km northeast of Singapore.
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Train Reps: 85/86, 221/222
Can I tender for one of the routes?
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You can also tender one from my city too.Maybe joined cities means from woodbridge city to riverdale city.Private message me if you want to tender.
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Here it is.What you developers have been waiting for! The one and only release of the C851A!

Link(No longer using 4Shared):

Please contact Veyron16.4,Me or Boylush for password.
EW2|DT33 Tampines (Soon-To-Be) Interchange

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this - you haven't.”
― Thomas A. Edison

To know about my openBVE projects, click here!

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