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What is your favourite MRT train station?
Pasir Ris
Joo Koon
Marina Bay
Changi Airport, this train service terminates at this station. All passengers please alight. Thank you for travelling with SMRT.

Large Wide Space between platforms.
Glass ceilings.
Flight Information Panels located at Platforms
Violent Crossovers upon arriving/departing at certain platform
More Big Grin
Hi there! I am a railway technology enthusiast.

North South Line for openBVE [NB: MSP - BSH]
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  • MichaelJacksonwithJ5
I LOVE NS27/CE2 Marina Bay!

NSL Side:
1. Extremely quiet during off-peak hours.
2. Slightly dim lighting makes the station look more comfortable.
3. Easy to do trainspotting there.
4. Helping tourists + Singaporeans clear their misconception that Marina Bay MRT Station is right below Marina Bay Sands, before guiding them to the CCLe Platform.
5. The scenic view when I exit from Exit B.
6. Air-conditioning is always so strong!

CCLe Side:
1. Long, long escalators.
2. The large empty space outside the paid area of CCLe transfer area.
3. Exit A's beauty.

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  • SgTrainLovur
EW28 Pioneer (Favourite MRT station in SG)

NS4 Choa Chu Kang and NS5 Yew Tee (Closer to my house)
EW17 Tiong Bahru(Closest to my home)
NS4/BP1 Choa Chu Kang(My Favourite Town in all of SG)
NS9 Woodlands(Uniquely SMRT)
NS13 Yishun(Uniquely SMRT)

NE1/CC29 Harboufront(Closest to my home, also the first NEL station I visited)
EW22 Dover, CG1 Expo, NS17/CC15 Bishan, NS18 Braddell(Unique Designs)

TIB 1182 J is my waifu~
Bus rep: SMB 1H, TIB 771R, SBS 2988M
Train Rep: 523/524, (237/238[Main rep but not main as taken, lol)

Sauber and Williams F1 fan.

CG1/DT35 Expo
1. Ang Mo Kio (Have empty train for LTE at middle platform. Although is one of the busiest MRT station, but don't feel it's very crowded as the large concourse area.

2. Jurong East (The elevated interchange for NSEWL with single level platform, it's one of the best place for trainspotting.

3. Changi Airport (Wider platform)
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  • TIB 501 D
EW26 Lakeside, near my home.
CC23 one-north, unique name.
NS24/NE6/CC1 Dhoby Ghaut , biggest station so far.
CC6 Stadium, wonderful structure.
[Image: bar.gif]

station rep: one-north|bus rep: SBS8237H|train rep: 203/204

[Image: bar.gif]
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  • TIB 501 D
My favourite MRT stations ( only 3 ) :

1 . Queenstown [ My aunt lives there and I stay there during Weekends / School Holidays ]

2 . Admiralty [ My main house ]

3 . Jurong East [ Best trainspotting place ever. ]
[Image: Untitled.png]
Pasir Ris.
I rarely operate here due to lack of time. However, I may come back from time to time.
Farewell, SBST Volvo Striders...

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