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What is your favourite MRT train station?
To me, my favourite stations in order are:
1) EW27 Boon Lay: Everything I need and want is so close to the station.
2) NS16 Ang Mo Kio: I picked my jersey number based on this station. I just seem to enjoy the age of this station.
3) NS17 CC15 Bishan: I love the closeness of the two lines and since I hate walking, I love this station.
Bus services rep:
198 and 242

MRT station rep:
Boon Lay
பூன் லே

Care bear rep: Bedtime Bear
[Image: 15558060.jpg]

AND SOON I'LL BE DIZZY and sleepy. ZZZ... Rolleyes
ranking from 1st to 10th
1.NS19 First MRT Stn to have PSDs
2.EW21/CC22 Near my house and I can get on the Circle Line more easily!
3.EW20 Nothing to say...
4.CG2 Gateway to the world!
5.EW13/NS25 & EW14/NS26 Underground mega int!(okay not very big...)
6.CC20 I do not need to cross overhead brigdes when i go home from school!
7.EW22 Very nice design!
8.NE11 The place where I boarded a CM C751A!
9.BP14 An LRT station that has air-con at the platform!
10.NS11 An MRT station that makes laugh when hear its chinese name...Big GrinTongue
Kamsia for #sarpok93 & #sarpok153 Tongue
there is...ten mile junction(of course it is not opened yet,but it will open next year)
Kamsia for #sarpok93 & #sarpok153 Tongue
ok. i delete the post le. sorry.
My favourite stations are:

NE14 Hougang
Reason: I stay around there
NS20 Novena
Reason: I buy the medicines near there.
CC10 MacPherson
Reason: I go to the temple to pray near there.
NE13 Kovan
Reason: I have my tuition there.
[Image: 44444444444_zpsb23bcb12.png]
[Image: VBur61.gif]
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My favorite stations are:
1)NS19 Toa Payoh
Reason:40-storey HDB flat makes me wanted to go there almost everyday.
2)NE17 Punggol
Reasons:The station concourse level designed damn nice.
3)EW7 Eunos
Reasons:I can go there to buy bubble tea.
4)NS9 Woodlands
Reasons:Woodlands is where i belong.
EDITBig Grinid i just create a similar thread "Your favorite MRT stations?"
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Khatib. As it is my base. Smile
I also like Changi Airport. For no apparent reason. But I love going there.
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yes, but willis has made a rule ' disallowing thread revivals '. cannot reply whom last post is more than 30 days.
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Oh ok Smile
"The best preparation for tomorrow is to do your best today."
- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Heart C651 211/212, TIB1173K.

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That rule has been removed. Smile
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