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Require Permission to Trainspot
Maybe I should rephrase ... ... does ANYONE ask for permission? Because I am not sure how many people do.
(06 December 2011, 03:57 PM)nganmatthias Wrote:   Show/Hide

If anyone ask any SMRT Trains staffs, answer will be no ....
So if smrt c151a really 'die', so do we all. Big Grin
I don't think I will dare to ask them anyway.

Regardless I believe many of us will continue to do the same.
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If you wanna know who actually asked for permission, a few of us did. If the answer is yes, appreciate it and say thank you. If the answer is no, so be it but say thank you anyway.
(06 December 2011, 04:07 PM)nganmatthias Wrote:   Show/Hide

To take picture, it is easy. Just snap and go (no flash lights) but don't let the staff saw you.

To take a longer video (e.g Entire Northbound Journey), better ask a permission
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But what are the chances (I don't imply any literary meaning here - take it literal) that they allow us?

OT: 100th post.
(06 December 2011, 04:14 PM)nganmatthias Wrote:   Show/Hide

If you meet a friendly staff they'll close one eye and let you to snap a few photos (mostly less than 10).

Anyway what's the big fuzz about this permission for photography and videography? I mean, they're simply optional for this hobby.
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Optional doesn't mean not at all.

And it's fuss not fuzz.
(06 December 2011, 04:22 PM)nganmatthias Wrote:   Show/Hide

Meant to be a joke. Anyway how often are photos even taken? I mean when there's a fault meant to be reported to SMRT/SBST you can just tell them, then there's a chance they'll let it go. They'll also allow photos of you (and your friends) in the train too.
Anyway, remember last time? SMRT advertise the Burger King in the train, they allow us to take pic with people in the "special" seats.
"Next stop, Dhoby Ghaut Interchange." - Mrs Melson
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